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ZeMKI Mitglieder halten Vorträge auf der EASST/4S Tagung

Die ZeMKI-Mitglieder Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp, Dr. Juliane Jake und Irina Zakharova halten Vorträge auf der Konferenz zum Thema "Locating and Timing Matters: Significance and agency of STS in emerging worlds"

Die Tagung der Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) findet vom 18. - 21. August statt.

Andreas Hepp: "The “Life Cycle” of Pioneer Communities: The Emergence and the Decline the Quantified Self and Maker Movements"
Panel: Grassroots Innovation: Hacking, Making, Hobby, Entrepreneurship 2
August, 18 06:00 - 07:40pm CET

Juliane Jarke & Helen Manchester (University of Bristol): "Considering more-than-human participation in co-design with older adults: Implications for a material gerontology"
Panel: Growing old in a more-than human world: Materialities of care and interspecies entanglements I
August, 19 10:00 to 11:40am CEST

Juliane Jarke & Irina Zakharova: "Software-As-Process: Using Design Documents For Critical Software Studies"
Panel: Crafting Critical Methodologies in Computing: Theories, Practices and Future Directions
August, 20 08:00 to 09:40pm CET

Nähere Informationen zur Konferenz: https://convention2.allacademic.com/one/ssss/ssss20/index.php?cmd=Prepare+Online+Program&program_focus=main&PHPSESSID=2ds57ossiamm2650k9re4iae4p



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