„Data journeys: Considering a conceptual and methodological tool for studying organisational data practices” - Dr. Juliane Jarke & Irina Zakharova

Am 10. Februar 2021 von 16:15 bis 17:45 via Zoom


In this paper, we review data journeys as a conceptual and methodological tool for studying organisational data practices. So far, the concept has mainly been used to research data practices in science or policy-making. In this paper, we reflect on what data journeys as conceptual and methodological tool have to offer for the study of datafication in organisations. We extend the concept by proposing two types of research artefacts to track data movement within and across organisations: process-oriented data journeys and assemblage-oriented data journeys. Based on a case study in the field of education, we demonstrate how those two views on data movement complement each other. Process-oriented data journeys make visible the resources, infrastructures, and work that are required to enable the flow of data and turn data into evidence for data-driven decision-making. In an assemblage-oriented data journey, the relationality of data becomes visible as this type assembles the heterogeneous set of entities that are required to produce, process and move data. Importantly, data movement is not without friction. In this paper, we demonstrate how complementary views on data journeys: as process and assemblage help to uncover this friction and at the same time appreciate the work that is mobilised to make data flow.   

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