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"Digital Platforms in the Realm of Culture: the Case of Music Streaming Services" - Prof. Dr. David Hesmondhalgh

Am 14. Juli 2021 von 16:15 bis 17:45 via Zoom


Recent academic research in media, communication and internet studies has begun to examine the effects of digital platforms on culture, via concepts such as “the platformization of cultural production” but so far such research has been under-developed. This paper reports on research concerning such effects, using the example of musical production and consumption, where such effects have in fact been the basis of very considerable public debate. In particular, I focus on two issues. The first is the controversy over whether the arrival of digital platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music have damaged the ability of musicians to earn sustainable livings from making music, further entrenching longstanding inequalities. The second issue concerns whether such digital platforms have damaged musical culture itself, for example by making music more “functional” (e.g. used to accompany activities such as working out or going to sleep) at the expense of its artistic-aesthetic dimensions.

Teilnahme via Zoom: https://uni-bremen.zoom.us/j/99266734855?pwd=L0VLYjErekVZZU5RSGZhWHJpT1ZWZz09

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