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Doing digital team ethnography to study later life and social media practices - Roser Beneito-Montagut

30. Mai 2018 von 12:00 bis 14:00 Uhr im ZeMKI, Linzer Str. 4, Raum 60.070

This lecture describes how a team of ethnographers made use of digital data during fieldwork, fieldnotes writing and reflexion to produce a nuanced account of social media use in later life. In doing so, it will address how the practices and meanings of ethnography are being reconstructed and negotiated in response to the explosion of digital social data and through team practices. It provides practical advice about how to conduct digital ethnographies in teams based on an empirical project, however it will be helpful as well to individual researchers who want to learn about digital ethnographies. The lecture also offers a contribution to current debates on the ’Social Life of Methods’, by addressing epistemic issues associated with digital data and team ethnography, such as the role of the ethnographer(s) in the research project, the construction of the field(s) and the incorporation of (quantitative) computational data analysis in ethnographic projects.

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