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"The Digital Disconnect" - Prof. Dr. Ellen Helsper

Am 2. Juni 2021 von 16:15 bis 17:45 via Zoom


This talk will explore key points from the Digital Disconnect book, examining the social causes and consequences of digital inequalities.  It focusses on the interplay between traditional and digital inequalities and breaks this broad field up into five domains of corresponding social and digital inequalities: economic capital and access/infrastructure; human capital  and digital skills; political power and digital citizenship;  social capital and social uses of ICTs; and symbolic capital  and content creation. For each of these domains, the complicated patterns of relationships are discussed and illustrated with qualitative and quantitative data from around the world allowing for conclusions around the amelioration, maintenance and amplification of systematic inequalities between countries and between different socio-economic and socio-cultural groups in an increasingly digital world.

The presentation will finish by suggesting a change in approach to the theory and practice of digital inequalities research, policy and interventions; a shift from individual to collective responsibility in creating a more equal digital future.

Teilnahme via Zoom: https://uni-bremen.zoom.us/j/99266734855?pwd=L0VLYjErekVZZU5RSGZhWHJpT1ZWZz09

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