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Building bridges and establishing networks

The Career Center is a joint venture between the University of Bremen and the Agentur für Arbeit (German Federal Employment Agency) Bremen-Bremerhaven. Its goal is to support students who wish to prepare themselves for their career as well as alumni and research assistants on their career paths.

Career Center University Bremen /  Campus map University of Bremen [PDF] (592 KB)

ZB  (Zentralbereich/Central Area) B 0560, B0570, B0580 and B 0590
(using the passageway to the Mensa/cafeteria close to the university’s theatre hall)

Bibliothekstr. 1
28359 Bremen

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Current News

In our "news" section we have compiled information from various sources, such as, WiLa Bonn, Wirtschaftswoche, Karriereführer, IAB and Die Zeit.

In addition, the Career Center's German section contains announcements from companies/institutions of career related events and issues as well as the Career Center Newsletter. (Please note, that most of the announcements and the Career Center Newsletter are in German only.) more »

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In addition to a diverse range of informational material and seminars the Career Center focuses on personal counselling. A team of motivated councellors is ready to answer your questions as well as to provide in-depth career advice.

How may we help you ... ? more »

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Events and Workshops

We regularly offer events for information and further education. Some workshops are accredited with Credit Points by the universities departments. You will find our recommendation on Credit Points in the title for specific events. In case there is no information on Credit Points, we recommend no Credit Points and award no certificates! more »

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Jobs & Internships

Students and Alumni can use our jobportal to search our database for jobs and put their CVs online.

Companies can publish job and trainee openings themselves. Alternatively, the Career Center can take care of publishing the job postings.

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Services for Employers

The Career Center provides companies with the opportunity to publish their job and trainee openings online in its job-portal. Additionally, the Career Center offers information on trainee-contracts, which legal requirements have to be observed, what can be expected of trainees, etc.

As the largest university in the north-west of Germany and as a widely acknowledged reasearch university the University of Bremen has a large network of partners in commerce and industry.

Join our network of partners and become involved where knowledge is created. more »

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Video-Clips on professional orientation

The Career Center has collected a series of Video-Clips with testimonials relating to topics such as job application, internships and gaining practical expericence abroad. These video-clips are available (in German only) under "Video-Clips on professional orientation". more »

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Welcome to Career Centers the top links page at the University of Bremen.

Here we have collected several links to different subjects. Aside from information on "jobs and careers" you will find information on internships abroad.


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This Download section features the information and those leaflets on the various topics on our website which are available in Englisch.

The german version of the Download section contains additional Material, which is available in German only. Please follow the links listed in the table below to access the corresponding section in the german version.

For content in English please scroll down.

Career Center - additional content in German

Department Contacts (available in German only)

Federal Employment Agency (available in German only)

Lectures (available in German only)

Career Advisors' Network ("University Studies-Careers-Perspectives") (available in German only)

Mentoring (available in German only)

Internships (available in German only)

Practical training and careers abroad - additional content in German

Literature & surveys (available in German only)

Professional practise and jobs -additional content in German

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