The Future of a Prominent and Closely Networked Mid-sized University

The concept developed to shape a sustainable future for the University of Bremen is entitled: “Ambitious and Agile: Institutional Strategy for a prominent mid-sized university”. It was with this concept that the University scored its success in the Excellence Initiative launched by the Federal Government and the Federal States.

The aim of the Excellence Initiative is to promote outstanding research projects and institutions at German universities and to provide a boost to the overall development of a select group of universities. In this way, the Excellence Initiative seeks to strengthen top-level research and enhance Germany’s international standing as a center of science and research.

By focusing its research capacity on six high-profile areas, the University of Bremen created the conditions that enable it to play in the top league of national and international research universities. However, the University has not lost sight of the need for innovative development. It provides the necessary freedom for scientific inquiry to find solutions to the pressing research issues of our time. On Bremen’s “campus for young talent”, outstanding young researchers from all over the world find the creative location they seek to further their academic career in an atmosphere of intellectual freedom, critical reflection and interdisciplinary communication.

By pursuing nine measures contained in the Institutional Strategy, the University of Bremen continued its successful development.


Excellence in Figures

To implement the Institutional Strategy “Ambitious and agile” in 2012-2017, the University of Bremen receives 45 million Euros in total.

For the Excellence Cluster “The Ocean in the Earth System – MARUM”, the funding by the Excellence Initiative amounts to 34 million Euros for the same time period. The Graduate School “Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences” (BIGSSS) is funded by almost 7 million Euros.

Adding overhead costs, the University attracted approx. 100 million Euros with all three funding lines.

A booklet [PDF] (2.4 MB) (in German) summarizes the measures of the Institutional Strategy, funding opportunities and decision-making processes.