Supporting New Ideas

Support for New Ideas (M4 – M6)

Measures M4 – M6 ensure our capacity for innovation and thematic regeneration throughout the whole University. The measures encompass funding formats for individual researchers as well as for small creative groups. The Development Fund provides a substantial boost to selected subject areas (for current and former projects please see Funding: Projects and Associations).

M4 – Exploration Projects

Exploratory Projects are projects initiated by individual researchers: Innovative risk-taking projects receive generous financial support and enjoy high levels of independence and flexible time scales. They investigate new lines of research and prepare the ground for disciplinary breakthroughs.

M5 - Creative Units

Single discipline as well as interdisciplinary research groups mutually explore new research areas. Creative Units enjoy a maximum of freedom to develop their research creativity and to mutually develop and pursue new lines of research.

M6 – Development Fund

The Development Fund provides selected dynamic areas of the University with an additional development boost by funding limited-term W2 professorships. Provided they prove successful, these areas can subsequently be included in the University’s long-term development planning after 2017. The professorships will then become permanent appointments.