International Affairs at Bremen University

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Profile International

Internationalization is a goal firmly anchored in the University’s guiding principles. Bremen University’s internationalization strategy shapes the policy to be pursued over the coming years and determines the way the University administration and the different faculties focus their internationalization efforts. On the following pages you can learn more about the University’s internationalization strategy, the International Office and other bureaus concerned with international affairs. more »

International Cooperation

Cooperation with partners worldwide forms the basis of internationalization. On the following pages you can find out how to set up international cooperation projects, draft suitable agreements, and apply for financial support. more »

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Ways Abroad

It is becoming more and more important for university graduates to gather experience abroad. The job market is full of opportunities for well-trained academics with leadership potential and international experience, i.e. intercultural competence. Besides learning a foreign language, a stay abroad helps to develop inter-personal and communicative skills. Not only for career reasons, though, is it of value to broaden one’s horizons. Finding your way in another country and culture can be a most rewarding personal experience, too.

Ways to the University of Bremen

Whether you are coming to attend a complete course of studies ending in a degree, participating in a student exchange program for one or two semesters, intending to obtain a doctoral degree, or coming for a research stay: Bremen University can offer you many and varied opportunities to enhance your academic and professional career. more »

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Your Stay in Bremen

Students coming from another country to live in Bremen, in a new and stimulating academic and cultural environment, are faced with a number of challenges, both large and small. The University of Bremen does all it can to help international students and visiting academics find their way around in their new surroundings. more »

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Learning Languages

The Foreign Languages Center (FZHB), a service institution for all universities in the State of Bremen, offers students courses in 20 different languages. In the self-study center run by the FZHB you can access online learning programs for 40 languages. more »