Inviting Guest Lecturers

Acting as Host

Anyone wishing to initiate and uphold cooperation with teaching staff and researchers at (partner) Universities in other countries will receive support and can choose between several programs:

Guest Researchers at Bremen University

In October 2011 Bremen University has set up a Welcome Centre for international researchers planning research and teaching stays here. Beside directly advicing our international guests before, during, and after their stay in Bremen we aim to support host institutes with all matters.

Faculty members intending to invite guest researchers to Bremen University should inform the Welcome Centre in good time in order to establish early contact and ensure optimal service (registration).

Bremen University has been given the status of a research establishment pursuant with Article 38 of the Regulations Governing German Residence [Aufenthaltsgesetz], and since February 2010 it has been possible for researchers coming from non-EU member states and intending to stay for more than three months to apply for a visa for researchers pursuant to Article 20 of the regulations. (It is still possible to submit visa applications pursuant to Article 18).

There are a number of benefits accruing from resident permits issued to a “researcher” (Art. 20 of the regulations):

  • There is no need for the Federal Employment Office to carry out a Labor Market Test
  • The researcher enjoys the right of mobility within the European Union
  • Spouses no longer have to provide evidence of proficiency in German

To process a research visa a Hosting Agreement with Bremen University needs to be concluded.

Sample Hosting Agreement

Guest Researchers in Germany


The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation fosters research cooperation between outstanding international researchers and German researchers. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has created a national coordination center, EURAXESS. International researchers can find general information and advisory services at this portal.

Guest Lecturer Program

The Guest Lecturer Program provides researchers from abroad with the opportunity to come to Bremen and to teach during a limited stay, thus giving them an opportunity to build their own research network. The goal of the initiative is to provide students who are unable to go abroad to experience international learning at the home university and gather substantial intercultural competence that they would otherwise only be able to obtain by studying abroad.