Project MINTernational

Successful Start of MINTernational Kompass

On October 13, 2016, the MINTernational Kompass was successfully presented at the conference "How international should MINT be" of the Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany. Since then, it can be accessed at

MINTernational Kompass is the result of the MINTernational club, which was coordinated within the MINTernational Project by the University of Bremen and the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. The goal of the MINTernational club was to initiate an exchange of experiences at the university level. Measures for the internationalization of the MINT disciplines were compiled in cooperation with other universities, and they are now reflected in MINTernational Kompass.

In the future, the Kompass is intended to serve as a guide for the internationalization of MINT courses and to be complemented by other projects.


Selecting the Project MINTernational of the University of Bremen

In February 2014, Bremen became one of the two winners of the strategy competition MINTernational: "The Jury members of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft, Daimler-Fonds and Daimler and Benz Stiftung aprecciated the outstanding degree of internationalization of the University as well as the conclusiveness of the development concept. With a clear strategy of internal benchmarking, the University of Bremen will establish the best practices efficiently across all faculties." Here you can find the final presentation as well as an interview with Bernd Scholz-Reiter, rector of the University of Bremen, on the subject of "Making the future: Engineers need foreign experiences".

Internationalization of studies

  • Double-Degree-Programs
    Within the framework of MINTernational, we will implement new double-degree programs in the single faculties of the University of Bremen. We therefore support the STEM faculties by building tandems with already existing double-degree programs via planning workshops through to the definition of appropriate programs.

  • Coordination of summer schools
    Interdisciplinary and international summer schools and their organizational and financial support should be extended to STEM students, both in quality and content.

  • Enlargement of STEM-internship offers at the job portal of the Career Center
    The offer of internships abroad for STEM students will be complemented in cooperation with the Career Center of the University of Bremen. Jobportal of the Career Center (available only in German)

University preparatory and accompanying measures for international students

  • Study preparation
    As a pilot project, a technical preparatory course for the German Master of Production Engineering was organized in Faculty 4. This should optimize the study preparation for international applicants. Here you will find further information on the program.
  • Supplementary German courses for international students
    As part of the project, we offer more German courses for international students.

Qualification measures

  • Establishment of intercultural learning and teaching cultures
    Establishment of intercultural learning and teaching cultures Within the framework of the project, we will provide intercultural training for STEM students and raise awareness about the "Certificate of Intercultural Competence". Furthermore, we will focus on supporting guest lectureships and qualification measures for administrative staff at the university. Training for the staff will be offered as well
  • Transition into the labor market
    More workshops concerning issues like “How to Apply and Work in Germany” and “Business Establishment” should be offered in order to facilitate entry into the job market for STEM-graduates. In cooperation with the Career Center of the University of Bremen and Kompass Career Start, a workshop series called "Mind the gap! - Steps into the job market for STEM graduates" [PDF] (1.6 MB) was conceptualized. Moreover, a series of events called MIND the gap & StartUP [PDF] (732 KB) was realised together with BRIDGE and Kompass Career Start.