Ways to the University of Bremen

Coming to Stay

If you are interested in spending some time at the University of Bremen ― no matter whether you intend to take up full-time studies, complete a research stay, or to attend a summer school ― then this is the right part of our website for you. The following pages contain information on the many possibilities open to you.

During their German language preparation for access to the various undergraduate programs of study offered at the University of Bremen, students can attend our preparation studies. You will find detailed information on the website preparation studies.

If you want to become a regular student at University of Bremen you will need information how to apply. This information you will get on this page.

It may be your intention to spend only one or two semesters in Bremen. In this case, you can enroll within the context of an exchange program: European Exchange – ERASMUS or International Exchange with partner universities (non-european). So-called Free Movers who want to spend a couple of semesters studying in Bremen (outside existing exchange programs) will also find information on how to enroll as a visiting student here.

The Die International Summer Programs are much more than just a way to improve your language skills. Together with participants from all over the world you will receive instruction in the German language ― but the program also includes a broad range of opportunities to get to know Germany better, its culture, academic life, and its people.