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Research alumni strategy

In 2014 the Alexander von Humboldt foundation awarded the research alumni strategy of both the University of Bremen and its alumni association community Bremen e.V. (now Alumni der Universität Bremen e.V.). The intention is to keep contact to those former researchers coming from abroad and either moving back to their home country or to a third country after their stay in Bremen. Thus, a worldwide researcher alumni network of the University of Bremen will be established. Our research alumni strategy includes diverse measures like data collection and public relations of research alumni of the University of Bremen or the awarding of former researchers of the University of Bremen as Research Ambassador (see below).

We would be pleased for you to stay in close contact with us via joining our free alumni network.

Alumni Map
We hope that you had an exciting and successful time at the University of Bremen that still stays in your memory. We would like to keep in touch with you. Therefore, you are invited to become a member of our research alumni network. Being a member is of course free of charge! Once you are a member, your short profile appears on our new alumni map. This map is an interactive map of the world to visualize where our alumni are located including the following search keys: continent, country, city, institution, research area/research faculty, etc. Using this map and the search keys will help researchers and students all over the world to get information on our alumni and also to get in touch with you.
Therefore, please provide us your data via this form.

The well-established guest lecturer program with a yearly finance volume of 40.000€ on average provides additional short-term lectureships for research alumni with integration into the curriculum of the University of Bremen. The stay in Bremen can also be used splendidly for intensifying joint research projects. Please find more information on the guest lecturer program and its application procedure

Research Ambassadors

Since the summer semester 2015 seven research alumni were selected as Research Ambassadors. They should promote worldwide the University of Bremen and the research conducted here. It is planned to select 10 Research Ambassadors in total from different countries, representing all faculties and research areas.

The seven selected Research Ambassadors Prof. Don Bruce, Alejandra Castro-Carranza PhD, Prof. Enzo Morosini Frazzon, Prof. Krishnendu Chakrabarty, Prof. Kolyang, Prof. Edward McPhail, Prof. Yanbing Mao and Prof. Frank Wilderson are from faculty 1, 3, 4, 7, and 10. Their home university are in Brazil, China, Cameroon, Mexico, and the US.


The selected Research Ambassadors should strengthen and widen our network and visibility and represent the University of Bremen abroad. They should act as a contact point for those interested in studying or wanting to carry out research in Bremen. Additionally, at their home university, they should also help to build contacts and form a network between former students and researchers of the University of Bremen. The Research Ambassadors themselves should be scientists at different levels of their career with high emotional links and good knowledge of the University of Bremen as well as the state and its surroundings.

 The selected ambassadors shall get many opportunities to stay in close contact with the University and to help bright and young scientists and students to benefit from this association:

  • Annual possibility to visit Bremen for each Research Ambassador (travel and subsistence will be taken care of), e.g. under the annual Alumni networking events or for research purposes
  • "Senior brings Junior": sending a young scientist / a junior research scientist for a research stay in Bremen (travel and subsistence will be taken care of)
  • Funding a research internship for Masters students
  • Financial and moral support in establishing an alumni network in their home countries
  • Opportunities to participate in specific events at the University of Bremen
  • Support towards public relations when needed: the awarding as an Ambassador will be accompanied by comprehensive public relations, e.g. press releases, interviews in local press, information of the research community on DAA/GAIN-Newsletters, information distribution via appropriate networks.

By intensifying the international alumni management the University of Bremen will be able to extend the alumni network and to strengthen its contacts in economy and society in other countries. New long-term contacts to international enterprises will arise which can be used strategically to elaborate joint projects between the University of Bremen and international companies. The ambassadors should take over a coordinating position for the alumni management in their region like e.g. establishing and leading regional groups with regular tables as well as being a contact person for students interested in one or more semesters at the University of Bremen and for scientists planning a research stay in Bremen. Therefore, the ambassadors will help the University of Bremen to attract leading scientists, for example by advertising job announcements at their home university.

Call for proposals

We are still in the process of looking for suitable candidates. The Research Ambassadors should come from one of our focus regions of our internationalization strategy USA/Canada, China, India, Turkey or Subsahara/Africa. For the selection procedure we need, apart from a recommendation from a professor from the University of Bremen, a CV and an explanation about the connection specifically with both the University and the city of Bremen. Please keep in mind that the nominee should have been at least one year at the University of Bremen. Please find more information here [PDF] (252 KB).