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Profile of Bremen Research

At the University of Bremen more than 1,600 scholars and scientists are working on cutting edge research in twelve different faculties, six cross-faculty high-profile areas, and numerous smaller research profile networks. The University believes in interdisciplinarity and close cooperation with extramural research institutions of the highest category in the surrounding region. more »

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Third-party research funding

The University has a long record of success when it comes to acquiring third-party funding. It accounts for fully one third of the University’s overall budget – and half of this comes from the DFG. Up to now, funding within the context of the Excellence Initiative had been awarded to an excellence Cluster and two graduate schools. However, this year, in the third round of the Excellence Initiative, the University managed to secure a place right at the very top of the German university league. To add to the exhilaration resulting from the success with its Institutional Strategy came the news of prolongation of funding for the Excellence Cluster in the marine sciences "The Ocean in the Earth System - MARUM" and the "Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences" (BIGSSS). more »

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Young Talents

About 300 doctoral degrees are awarded by the University each year. Many doctoral reseachers are involved in structured programms or take advantage of the offers by the Graduate Center. And in Bremen, post-docs enjoy a high degree of independence to carry out their own research. more »

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Research Funding

The Central Research Development program of the University of Bremen was the first of its kind in Germany. It opens up opportunities to pursue new strands of research and building new profile: The Central Research Development funds 120 positions – so-called halbe Stellen –  in support of innovative research projects and the advancement of young researchers. This also facilitates the acquisition of third-party funding on the part of national and European funding organizations. more »

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Knowledge & Technology Transfer

Research and teaching at the University of Bremen is not merely an end in itself. It is for the well-being of society as a whole. The transfer of ideas, results of research and academically trained personnel from the University into the enterprise sector and society is part of the University’s mission. more »

Contact Persons

The University of Bremen will be happy to advise on possibilities of funding support for research projects, on career opportunities and career paths for young researchers, and everything to do with the transfer of knowledge and technology.