Knowledge and Technology Transfer

We connect Science with the Economy

Wir verbinden Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft.

We connect Science with the Economy

Research and education at Bremen University is not an end in itself: It is for the good of society as a whole. The transfer of ideas, research findings and human resources from the University to the economy and society in general is a major goal and in keeping with our guiding principles. Bremen University sees itself as the innovation motor of the region.

In 1985 Bremen University set up the Central Transfer Bureau to implement this goal. This is the hub and first point of contact for all sorts of cooperation projects with the University. The bureau has been collaborating with the University on long-term University Transfer Strategy [PDF] (38 KB) since the strategy was first formulated in 2008.

In all matters concerning patents and inventions, paving the way for cooperation projects, establishing contact with students and researchers, or promotional programs for start-ups:

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