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In addition to providing advice and support for start-up entrepreneurs and helping with the licensing and sale of intellectual property, when the transfer of knowledge and technology entails extraordinary forms of support the University of Bremen may also hold participatory interests in private corporations. This type of shareholding underscores the desire on the part of University and enterprise to maintain a long-term cooperation relationship and works to the mutual advantage of both parties. 

The cooperation context calls for more than the enterprises in question simply placing orders for research and development, or the purchase of licenses. The goal is to provide sustainable support for important development processes in strategically relevant fields of the University’s activities. 

One aim is to provide support for knowledge and technology transfer and enhance conditions for external funding in one of the University’s high-profile disciplines. As an example, this purpose is served by the University’s participation in Embedded Microsystems Bremen GmbH, a company which successfully markets the University’s competencies in the field of micro systems technology. Another example, this time an interdisciplinary one, is the University’s shareholding in InnoWi GmbH. This is a Bremen-based patent marketing agency the University works with on matters surrounding the evaluation of inventions and marketing of patents.  

The task of Bremen University’s Corporate Venture Management Bureau is to assess and prepare new participation projects, to supervise existing projects and represent the interests of Bremen University as stakeholder.  

Bremen University currently has a stake in the following enterprises: