High-Profile Areas at the University of Bremen

Collaborative research at the University of Bremen is concentrated within six interdisciplinary high-profile areas. Rather like a matrix structure, they cut across the disciplines represented by the University’s twelve different faculties. The interdisciplinary collaboration generated within these high-profile areas is the cornerstone of the University of Bremen’s research strength. The high-profile areas are specifically funded partially by the Rectorate and with special funds of the State of Bremen. They interlink intra- and non-university research on campus: Ten very renowned non-university institutes financed by the Federal Government and the Federal States are located in the State of Bremen. They are all closely connected to the University via cooperation agreements and they make a significant contribution to the University’s large-scale collaborative projects. In addition to these nationally funded non-university institutes, Bremen is host to eleven other research institutes financed by the Land. These institutes were established to strengthen and complement university research especially in the natural and engineering sciences. 

The high-profile area entitled Marine, Polar and Climate Research focuses on the role the oceans, the polar regions, and the atmosphere play in the Earth’s system, from the geological past up to the present time. more

The high-profile area Social Change, Social Policy, and the State inquires into processes of transition of modern statehood, in particular in respect of the pressures brought about by globalization and liberalization, and the attendant impacts on social policy and social statehood. more

The high-profile area Materials Science and Production Engineering encompasses the entire process chain of materials development and application: from materials synthesis and processing, through manufacturing and component design, up to analysis, characterization, and the testing of properties and functioning. more

The high-profile area Minds Media Machines is concerned with the collection, representation, processing, evaluation, and transfer of data, as well as the technical and social mediation of information. more

The high-profile area Logistics develops the theoretical framework for efficient, adaptive, and flexible control systems for use in logistics processes, especially with regard to the autonomous control of logistics systems, their communication and coordination. more

The researchers involved in the high-profile area Health Sciences investigate the causes of disease as well as measures of prevention, health promotion and care. They also carry out research on health systems and health policies. more