Criteria for the Assessment of Applications

The Research Funding Committee and the Rectorate of the University of Bremen will decide on the application based on the following criteria. 

1. Applicant‘s Qualifications

  • Contribution of a doctoral dissertation to development of the research field;
  • Outstanding publication activity (quality, quantity, and significance, taking peer reviewed publications into account as well as sole and first authorship, inasmuch as relevant for the field);
  • Networking skills and experience of cooperation in the scientific community (for example, research sojourns in other countries, international cooperation projects, the organization of conferences, edited works);
  • Leadership and management experience or recognizable potential (including gender and diversity competence);
  • Prizes and other awards for academic achievements.

2. Quality of Project

  • Originality and quality of project;
  • Convincing positioning regarding the “state of the art” in the research field;
  • Convincing substantiation of line of research/hypotheses;
  • Convincing preparatory work/previous experience;
  • Purposeful selection of methods/procedures and feasibility;
  • Comprehensive and realistic work and time schedule together with adequate financing plan;
  • Special significance of the project (e.g. socio-political, regional, relevance of transferability);
  • Suitability of project for the applicant’s advancement within the context of the funding objectives (qualification for a professorship, networking in the scientific community).

3. Integration within the Research Environment of the University of Bremen

  • Integration in the research group/institute (strategic fit with the research area);
  • Innovative content and individuality of project idea within the context of the hosting research area;
  • Potential for the development of cooperation with the hosting research area;
  • Availability of prerequisite infrastructure/equipment.