Site Plan

The University of Bremen is a campus university with short ways. The University buildings – lecture halls, research laboratories and administration bureaus – can all be reached easily on foot. The Site Plan helps you to find your way.

Directions / Parking lots

When approaching Bremen by road on the A1, change to the A27 in the direction of Bremen-Bremerhaven when you come to the Bremer Kreuz. Then exit the A27 at junction Universität/Horn-Lehe and follow the signs for Centrum/Universität.

The Google Maps route planner will provide you with precise directions.

There are plenty of parking lots around the Technology Park that surrounds the University and on the campus itself, although parking is subject to a charge (70 Euro cents per day) that has to be paid on entry. It is only possible to pay in cash or by debit card (have the correct money ready as not all ticketing machines are equipped to give change).

Interactive Travel Planner

The internet platform Green Mobilty takes the worry out of travel planning to the University of Bremen. The platform also runs on mobile devices. Based on real-time information the user gets information on routing, connections, travel time and  travel costs in comparison of different modes of transport, including public transport and parking information. Further features are e.g. rail links, electronic schedule information and a CO2-calculator.

Busses and trams

Out and about with the Bremer Straßenbahn AG (BSAG): the following tram and bus lines run to the University main entrance: Uni Zentralbereich: 6, 20, 21, 22, 28.

The site plan shows the various stops around the campus area.

Select a stop and go direct to BSAG timetable information: "Universität NW1", "Universität/Zentralbereich", "Klagenfurter Straße", "Lise-Meitner-Str.", "Wiener Str. (Universität/Science Center)", "Celsiusstr.", "Wilhelm-Herbst-Str.", "Linzer Str."

Arrival by rail

When you leave the central station take the South exit in direction Stadtmitte [city center]. Taxis and trams leave directly from the station forecourt. The taxi fare will be about 15 euros. The tram is cheaper: take the number 6 tram in the direction Universität. When the tram reaches the campus area you can alight at stops "Universität NW1", "Universität/Zentralbereich" or the terminus "Klagenfurter Straße". Select a stop and go direct to BSAG timetable information and details of rail connections from Hauptbahnhof Bremen [Bremen central station] to your desired destination. more »

Arrival by plane

The taxi fare from the airport to the University will cost you about 24 euros. Tram line number 6 will take you directly to the University. You can alight at the stops "Universität NW1", "Universität/Zentralbereich" or the terminus "Klagenfurter Straße". Select a tram stop and go direct to BSAG timetable information and details of flights and connections to your desired destination.