Application & Enrolment

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First cycle: Bachelor & 1. juristic Examination (in German)

You want to study at university? You have completed your Abitur (university entrance qualification) or want to know more about alternative pathways to studying at Bremen University? Several study programs require you to possess certain levels of knowledge or skills before you can take up studies, e.g. language skills, practical experience, or you may be required to undertake a self-test. These specific admission requirements are there to help you get an idea of what will be expected of you if you decide to study those subjects. The Application Forms can be submitted online. more »

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Postgraduate Studies: Master

You want to apply for a Master course. You find all information on the web pages. more »

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Prospective International Students

If you are interested in a stay at Bremen University, then this is the right section of the website for you. On the following pages you can find out about the different possibilities open to you and how to prepare for your stay. more »

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Enrolment of Doctoral Candidates

You want to enrol for a doctoral candidate at the University of Bremen? You find more information ...


more »

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Guest Auditors (Neben- und Gasthörerschaft)

If you are allready immatrikulated at another university and wish to attend individual courses at the University of Bremen, you can register as an auditing student (Nebenhörerin oder Nebenhörer). Without planing an complete study one can attend courses at the University of Bremen as a guest auditor (Gasthörerin oder Gasthörer). more »