Lecture Courses

Semester Dates

The academic year begins 1st October and ends 30th September of the following year. The periods during which lecture courses take place vary from year to year. more »

Course Catalogue

The online lecture course schedule will help you compile your own study schedule. Even if you are not enrolled as a student of the University of Bremen you can still attend courses as a guest auditor. The lecture course schedule is constantly updated and contains brief descriptions of the courses offered. more »

Fresher Orientation week (in German)

To make sure your studies get off to a good start, each year in October the University organizes an orientation week for its new students. The program is full and varied: Interdisciplinary activities, tours of the campus, introductions to study programs, making acquaintance with fellow students. Information about the program and activities offered during this so-called O-Week is sent in good time to all the University’s new students together with the brochure "Neuland Uni" [PDF] (805 KB) (in german). You can of course rummage online (only in german available) ... more »

Learning Platform Stud.IP

The University’s e-learning platform Stud.IP encompasses various possibilities for students to follow lecture courses via the Internet: Information and registration for courses, file sharing, communication with teachers and students, bibliographic management, teacher evaluation and also the creation of the timetable. In Stup.IP is also possible to evaluate teaching rooms. The access is automatically set for all students.  more »

Study Plans

Each faculty department has its own study plan. Here, students can see in which semester they are expected to earn study credits so they can be sure to finish their study program within the standard period of study. Each study program also has its own examination regulations which lay down the number and type of study credits needed in order to be awarded a degree.

Freshers are given details and explanations of their respective study plans in the introductory courses held during the orientation week. You can find the current examination regulations in the Datenbank Studium under the heading "Formalia & Ordnungsmittel". Some Faculties also post their study plans on their internet pages. more »

Non-Overlapping Study (in German)

At Bremen University you can study many subject combinations without any temporal overlap. Coordinated times of the courses ensure that studies in standard time to degree is possible. Here, however, you must consider a few rules. more »

Internet Lectures

And everyone can go to the University of Bremen’s open-access internet portal “Mobile Lecture“, where they can view high-quality digital recordings of lectures held at the University. Moreover, several faculties can provide lectures on video, together with transparencies and digitalized materials (presentations, scripts, tests and simulations). You will also find lectures in the area of General Studies in the portal. more »