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Study Programs

These web pages contain lots of information on the various study programs taught at Bremen University. Besides we outline all information into an broschure "Studieren an der Universität Bremen" (only in German) [PDF] (5.4 MB).

Make good use of it to find out which program best fits your personal interests and capabilities, but also to make sure you understand the requirements you will be expected to meet. more »

Study Orientation (only in German)

What do you know ― and what can you do?

Reading and listening is not the same as feeling ― Why don’t you take a look and see what studying is like? Bremen University offers several opportunities for prospective students to first take a look and get some idea of what it is like to be a student. Especially if you are interested in topics or career paths which receive little attention at school you can benefit from taking a closer look. more »

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Application & Enrolment

You probably have a lot of questions concerning university studies. Are my grades good enough to be enrolled in the subject I want to study? What documents do I need? Can I register online?
Besides clarifying formal questions like these, the University can also help you with advice on choosing the right program for you. Bremen University has also developed various possibilities for prospective students to get an idea of what studying is like before they enroll. Take advantage of these offers of study orientation! more »

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The online schedule of classes will help you to put your study schedule together. You don’t have to be an enrolled student to attend courses. Everyone interested in academic topics can apply as a guest auditor. The schedule is constantly updated and contains brief course descriptions. more »

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Services Surrounding Studies

No matter whether you have questions concerning grants (BAföG), examination or study regulations, internships, or personal problems with your study program, you will always be able to find someone in the University to help you.
And the campus is not only a place to study. Far from it! Among other things, you’ll also find everything for your physical well-being, as well as student activities, sports, and culture. more »

Administration of Studies and Examinations

Being organized is half the battle. Never was a truer word spoken!
Here you can find a lot of useful information to help you organize your studies: Re-enrolment, leave of absence, semester contributions (Semesterbeiträge), removal from the registry, and second round of studies.

The e-services and online tools developed by the University of Bremen will help you with many of the administrative tasks connected with your studies.

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Studies & Teaching in Profile

Campus University, Bologna University, environmentally friendly university, work-life balanced university, notebook university – Bremen University has deservedly earned several different labels – and a notable reputation for always being on the lookout for even better ideas. Everyone can and should play an active role in shaping the University – that’s what adds spice to studying and enhances quality management and campus life in general. We extend a warm welcome to you! more »