Bremer Uni-Schlüssel

The „Bremer Uni-Schlüssel“ (BUS) is the internal German-language periodical newspaper published by University of Bremen, containing information for students and University employees on life and activities on the campus. Coverage includes articles on developments in the various Faculties, university life, new construction and renovation of buildings, prizes and awards, research and teaching, as well as on individual personalities. BUS provides an information forum for all members of the University and promotes the discussion process.

Topics dealt with in issue 145 - January 2017

  •  Leibniz Price for Processing Engineer Lutz Mädler
  •  President Bernd Scholz-Reiter endorsed for Second Term
  •  Clear Statement pro MultilingualismPiled up – The New Magazine Tower of the SuUB 
  •  Personnel

- and much more besides!

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