Personnel Development

Leadership Development with System

The University of Bremen provides systematic support for both academic as well as non-academic leadership personnel. This encompasses advice, networking, further training, information, mentoring and coaching. The aim is to support leadership personnel in the professional exercise of their leadership roles, in realizing their leadership responsibility, and in their individual personal development within the University. The University’s HR Development Office maintains a catalogue of offers and also provides individual consultation on the right choice of program. There are also comprehensive offers of support for young scholars and scientists at the start of their careers to prepare for future leadership roles in the University.

Support for newly appointed professors and junior professors

Your appointment has been confirmed and now your work begins as a professor at the University of Bremen. Newly appointed and junior professors who find themselves in a professorial role for the first time have an especially high requirement for information and support. In order to facilitate their “arrival” and to develop the necessary skills for active involvement in university life, the University offers targeted support within the context of its academic HR development program. In 2007 the University’s support program for newly appointed professors was praised as being exemplary in the area of academic HR management by the Stifterverband der Deutschen Wissenschaft – the business community’s innovation agency for the German Science System – and selected for support.

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