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Clever minds and first-class researchers need partners. The standard of academic education and research at the University of Bremen is outstanding ─ but with your help it could rise to even greater heights. If your interest lies in advancing research on our environment, or if you prefer to support young talent ─ there are as many good reasons as suitable opportunities for supporting the University of Bremen and its students and researchers.

Studierende in einem Hörsaal an der Universität Bremen während einer Vorlesung


You can support the students or researchers at the University of Bremen by making a targeted donation, for instance. Maybe there is a particular area of research you would like to contribute towards, or you can help finance a scholarship for undergraduates and doctoral students. However large your donation, you will be helping to advance academic education and research at the University.

Here are some possibilities for potential benefactors:

Perhaps you would prefer to support a particular project or field of research? Get in touch! 

Senator a.D. Manfred Fluß, Uni-Rektor Prof. Wilfried Müller, Stifter Conrad Naber unterzeichnen die Fördervereinbarung für die Conrad-Naber-Stiftungsprofessur.

Endowed Professorships

Is there a particular field of research you are especially interested in helping to advance? Is it your intention to provide lasting stimuli to research and targeted education for students in a particular field? You can join us in opening up new areas of research by supporting the establishment of a new professorship at the University of Bremen. The professorship can be named after you.

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-> Existing endowed professorships at the University of Bremen

Drei Stipendiatinnen der Universität Bremen  präsentieren Ihre Stipendienurkunde


Would you like to support especially talented young people? Would you like to give students and doctoral students the freedom to concentrate fully on their studies and doctoral dissertations? Help support the future academic generation by granting a scholarship for undergraduates or doctoral students. The scholarship can be named after you.

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