The President’s Circle

The President’s Circle

In 2006 a group of folks sharing a personal bond with the University of Bremen, including several alumni, got together to see how they could contribute towards the University’s well-being. Its members decided to pool their expertise and take on the task of providing the University with professional advice on strategy and communication from a perspective outside the University’s walls and to act as ambassadors in the public sphere. One of their objectives is to widen the circle of sponsors and partners of the University of Bremen. The President's Circle also engages in targeted support for selected projects.

The circle convenes twice a year for a two-day meeting on the campus– in the spring and autumn. The next meeting takes place on the 12th and the 13th October 2017 and 19th and 20th April 2018.

The President's Circle has so far given its support for the following projects:

Participation in the President's Circle is by invitation only.

Members of the President's Circle:    

Dr. Julius Drumm
Senator a.D. Manfred Fluß
Marco Fuchs
Dr. Eberhard Haas
Detlef Hanke
Dr. Bettina Kaemena
Andreas Kellermann 
Dr. Rita Kellner-Stoll 
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kliemann
Carsten Meyer-Heder
Dr. Gerd Romanowski
Dr. Norbert Schulz
Dr. Heiko Staroßom
Horst Temmen
Dr. Katerina Vatsella