Support Fund

In the summer of 2007 the University of Bremen started a tele-campaign and called all its alumni. This was the first time a German university had conducted such a campaign. A large number of alumni spontaneously offered to help their alma mater with donations and other expressions of gratitude.

Thanks to this support from our alumni, the University of Bremen has been able to realize the following projects from the subsequently formed support fund:

:: Xenos (2010)

The Xenos association supports international students who find themselves in financial difficulty. The Support Fund has been able to help 2 university students whom Xenos was previously unable to support.

:: Installation of a changing table in the SuUB library (2009)

The campus and the University library have now become just a little more children-friendly. At the end of 2009 a changing table was installed in the disabled toilet facilities for use by parents with babies.

:: Acquisition of a children’s wagon for Uni-KiTa e.V. (2009)

The kids at the Uni KiTa e.V. are overjoyed by the acquisition of a new transport wagon. It can comfortably carry four children and will enable the kindergarden to make spontaneous excursions into the nearby Bürgerpark and the green-field area surrounding the University. And it is being used all the time.

:: Establishment of a special collection of books on "Career Entry & Setting up in Business" in the main library with the following titles (2009, 2010)

-> List of books funded with alumni funds

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Photo gallery

  • Mobile terminal in front of the Career CenterMobile terminal in front of the Career Center
  • Seeking job just fast in passingSeeking job just fast in passing
  • Seeking job just fast in passingSeeking job just fast in passing
  • Satisfied with the new offerSatisfied with the new offer
  • The winding station donated by the AlumniThe winding station donated by the Alumni
  • Practically and comfortablyPractically and comfortably