The Campus

Studierende auf dem Rasen vor dem Mensagebäude

Green-Field Campus University

The University of Bremen is a campus university with short ways. The University buildings – lecture halls, research laboratories and administration bureaus – can all be reached easily on foot. Encircled by new halls of residence erected in 2009, the main dining hall with its adjacent lake, and the so-called Glass Hall encompassing numerous shops and service facilities, lies the Campus Park, opened in 2010. This park forms the “green heart“ of the campus, providing surroundings where you can relax and chat with your friends.

Science Center in North West Germany

The University of Bremen campus is an important science center in Germany’s North West. Few universities have such a high density of extramural research institutions in their immediate vicinity. Several independent institutes and research establishments run by national research organizations have located on the campus. These affiliated institutes are linked to the University of Bremen via joint professorships. Among these are the Max Planck and the Fraunhofer societies, as well as the Leibniz and the Helmholtz scientific communities. Perhaps no other university of this size can boast such a large number of leading researchers on and around its campus. Another unique feature is the drop tower belonging to the Center for Applied Space Technology and Microgravitation (ZARM), which reaches over 400 feet into the sky and can be seen from miles away. This is the one and only research facility in the whole of Europe where it is possible to carry out short experiments under conditions of weightlessness on Earth.

Successful High-Tech location

Naturally, this unique combination of research, teaching, living and working makes the campus a magnet for the enterprise sector. An extension of the campus is the Technology Park Bremen, built on around 430 acres of adjacent land. In the relatively short time since it was created, the technology park has attracted more then 400 enterprises with over 6,000 employees to locate there. These firms are linked to the University of Bremen via numerous cooperation agreements and joint projects. Here, too, short ways open up uncomplicated opportunities for cooperation – to the mutual benefit of science, as well as students, researchers, enterprises, and everyone concerned. The University of Bremen’s campus is therefore at the heart of one of the most successful high-tech locations in the whole of Germany. The campus is also physically well-connected to the City of Bremen and the metropolis region of North West Germany via the nearby Highway A27 and a streetcar service that runs directly between the University, downtown Bremen, and Bremen’s international airport.

Much More than Studying and Work

Campus life at the University of Bremen and the Technology Park Bremen has a great deal more to offer, though, than just studies, research, and work. Sports facilities like the Sportbad Uni pool and the offerings of the University Sports Association Verein für Hochschulsport are open to all citizens. The local green areas of „Blockland“, the Stadtwald and Bürgerpark, as well as the recreational lake „Unisee“, are all in the close surroundings of the University, but by no means detract from the feeling of participating in the city’s Hanseatic flair.

A good selection of restaurants and corporate canteens, the University’s dining hall, cafés, open access to the State and University Library and diverse shopping facilities all contribute in their way to campus life. No lack of cultural offers either: Concerts given by the University choir, the University Orchestra and the Uni-Bigband, as well as theatre performances are just some of the possibilities on offer.
All this makes the campus a very special place, linking life and work.