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First Science Slam by the University of Bremen

"Language of whales for beginners” and “Dirty machining stories” – with titles like these, researchers from the University of Bremen launched their first “Science Slam” in the Bremer Lagerhaus. Before an audience of some 300 onlookers, marine biologists, computer scientists, educationalists and production engineers put on some entertaining displays of their work. The interest was so great that several hundred people without tickets had to be
turned away.

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Man and woman look at music sheets.
© Kai-Uwe Bohn / Uni BremenKatrin Bock and Professor Ulrich Tadday with the music sheets. They believed lost for over 140 years.

Sensational find: Brahms’ Bremer Triumphlied discovered

University musicologists announce a sensational discovery: Prof. Ulrich Tadday
and Katrin Bock discover the original voice material used for the premiere of the Triumphlied op. 55 by Johannes Brahms. The music sheets, believed lost for over 140 years, were uncovered in the archives of the Bremen Philharmonic Society. The complex reconstruction of the musical score exceeded all the researchers’ expectations, making it one of the most significant successes of Brahms research for decades.

The premiere performance of the piece in the Bremen Dom in 1871 was directed by Johannes Brahms himself, and the score has been missing ever since. That it now turned up in the archive of the Bremen Philharmonic Society can hardly be put down to coincidence, for the Society has promoted and cared for the musical life of the city for over 200 years and has been a major contributor to its development and diversity.

Männer und Frauen singen im Chor
© Axel Schmidt / Uni BremenDer Chor der Universität pflegt viele internationale Kontakte.

Great honor: University Choir performs for the German President

A great honor for the University of Bremen: The University Choir sang for the President of Germany, Joachim Gauck, in the upper rooms of the City Hall. As an indication of the scale of internationality at the University of Bremen, they performed a piece called“ Güzelleme” by the contemporary Turkishcomposer, Hasan Uçarsu.

You find an article about choir and orchestra in the Yearbook Theme

Website from choir and orchestra  (in German only)


Man is filming an audience
© Kai-Uwe Bohn / Uni BremenTelevision teams from Bremen and Niedersachsen

Hotel sociology lecture

The University of Bremen has been suffering a chronic lack of rooms for a long time. Consequently, Prof. Uwe Engel had to book the conference room of the Atlantik Hotel in the Technology Park in order to hold a statistics seminar for his 500 sociology students. Television teams from Bremen and Niedersachsen
reported on the unusual event.

An article in german you find in the Bremer Uni Schlüssel (BUS), Nr. 131 Download [PDF] (2.3 MB).