Services offered

Minor conflicts may quickly turn into a major problem. Thus it is crucial that you seek advice as soon as you realise that the apprenticeship training may be hampered in any way.

The apprenticeship initiative “Bleib dran!” offers guidance and counselling services regarding any kinds of problems or conflicts that may hamper the successful completion of the apprenticeship training. This includes conflicts in the company and with colleagues or at the vocational school, but also family-related and personal problems. The programme seeks to jointly develop problem solving strategies and is open to apprentices as well as vocational teachers and trainers. If necessary, long-term guidance throughout the apprenticeship training can be provided.

Ideally, all individuals concerned should be involved in the conflict resolution process. Hence, mediation is a key part of our approach. Depending on the specific needs, the counselling process reveals the potentials of a mediation and offers mediation services if these are considered useful by the parties involved.

All guidance and mediation services are strictly confidential and free of charge.

Finally, the programme “Bleib dran!” cooperates with other guidance service providers that can be involved if necessary, for example when it comes to considering legal aspects or when other specific competences are needed.