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miRdetect GmbH

The Challenge

The number of cancer patients is rapidly increasing worldwide and an early detection of cancer is becoming more and more important. Early detection dramatically increases the probability for higher survival rates and ultimately curing cancer. Furthermore adoption of liquid biopsies for patients with advanced malignancies is very important. But current approaches are not sensitive, specific, and reliable enough.

miRdetect has developed an innovative test procedure that enables the early and exact detection of cancer. This is applicable to genetic material of any origin and has the potential for highly sensitive and robust molecular diagnostic assays. The method has been validated through a testicular cancer assay as a first example.

miRdetect's Solution for Testicular Cancer

Testicular germ cell tumours represent the most frequent malignant cancer among young men aged 20-45. The current gold standard (measurement of tumour markers AFP, bHCG, LDH, and computer tomography) for diagnosis and monitoring is very unspecific, radiation-intensive, and unsatisfying for physicians, patients, and payers. This leads to high psychological stress levels, restricted quality of life for the patients and massive long-term effects (e. g. lung and nerve damage, higher risk for leukaemia, and infertility).

miRcontrol GCT is a new blood test with high sensitivity and specificity, that allows an early and secure application by detecting a tumour-specific microRNA. It offers the following advantages:

  • exact primary diagnosis
  • reliable detection of metastases
  • optimal therapy management and monitoring
  • early detection of recurrences

This leads to reduction of: diagnostic operations, adjuvant chemotherapies, redundant cycles of chemotherapy, and CT examinations. Therefore over and under treatment or incorrect treatments can be avoided and radiation is reduced which improves the quality of life for the patients. The ready-to-use IVD test is sold to medical diagnostic laboratories and can be used on commercially available readout instruments.