Welcome to the University of Bremen ― Introduction


You would like to know more about the University of Bremen and the City of Bremen? Then you have come to the right place. On the following pages you will find a Profile of the University and details of its Guiding Principles, the University’s History, diverse forms of Cooperation, as well as information about the Hanseatic City of Bremen. You can also see a list of the recent Awards the University of Bremen has received. more »

University Overview

Under the heading University Overview you will find details of the University Management, our different Faculties and the University’s Organizational Structure.

We have also put together an overview of the most important Facts & Figures. A Site Plan is included to help you find your way around the “University jungle“. more »

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The Campus

Campus life at the University of Bremen entails much more than just studying, researching, and working. Here you can find out what the University has to offer apart from those things. more »