Team Members of the Working Group Microbial Ecophysiology

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NamePhone 218-Room NW2-

 Michael W. Friedrich, Prof. Dr.  (Head of group)

-63060 A2100          michael.friedrich
Karl-Heinz Blotevogel, Prof. Dr. (Senior lecturer)-63408A2120khblote
Oluwatobi Oni, Dr. (Postdoc)-63062A2130ooni
David Aromokeye, M.Sc. (PhD student)-63062A2130aromokey
Ajinkya Kulkarni, M.Sc. (PhD student)-63058A2011s_m48zy9
Tim Richter-Heitmann, Dr. (Postdoc)-63062A2130trichter

Annika Schnakenberg, M.Sc. (PhD student)




Yin Xiuran, M.Sc. (PhD student)-63067A2014yin

Lisa Maier, BSc (master candidate)-63058A2130lisa1
Max Füssel (bachelor candidate)-63067A2014max3
Johanna Gebhard (bachelor candidate)-63058A2011jgebhard
Tina Stickan (Foreign Language Assistant)-63061A2120tisticka
Charlotte Willms (Technical Assistant)-63058A2011cwillms
Celina Schreiber (Technical Assistant)-63067A2014celina.schreiber