Prof. Dr. Angelika Bikner-Ahsbahs

Mathematics Education

research areas,

  • epistemological, methodological and theoretical aspects in qualitative empirical research, especially in Design-Based Research and the Networking of Theories,
  • classroom research in mathematics education focusing on reconstructing mathematical teaching and learning processes through an interpretative approach,
  • design research in mathematics education, particularly teaching and learning mathematics and the use of digital as well as semiotic resources,
  • developing teaching and learning models for constructing mathematical knowledge considering fostering and hindering conditions, with a special focus on the epistemic function of semiotic resources (gestures, diagrams, digital tools, ….) as well as interest in mathematics and interest-dense situations,
  • content oriented research on the teaching and learning of algebra and functions, from arithmetic and algebra towards an algebraic basis for further areas at higher secondary level,
  • professionalizing processes of mathematics teachers, with a particular focus on the university level, research oriented learning and professional development of out of field teachers.

Since 2006. Angelika Bikner-Ahsbahs is Professor of the Didactics of Mathematics at the University of Bremen, and since April 2018 she is continuing her research as a retired professor. Her interests cover general questions on the epistemology in the scientific discipline of mathematics education as well as specific questions on the epistemology of concrete processes of the teaching and learning of mathematics and professional development of mathematics teachers. In this context, the entire “sweep” from fundamental research through “use-inspired-research” towards applied research in mathematics education is relevant. This goes over into the design and implementations of tasks, scaffolding offers and didactic materials.