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CAMPUS CITY: The University Is Coming to Town

In October, the University of Bremen is putting on lectures, workshops, and exhibitions throughout the city. From October 10 to 23, the second edition of CAMPUS CITY will feature events covering a wide range of topics from the world of science and academia. Tickets are available online.


SuUB Awarded the Open Library Badge

The Bremen State and University Library (SuUB) places great importance in providing open services for users, academia, and the general public. This is why it is committed to the openness criteria. The Open Library Badge (OLB) initiative has now awarded the SuUB the Open Library Badge.

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Outstanding Language Promotion: Two Awards from the Joachim Herz Foundation

Success for two University of Bremen projects in the Joachim Herz Foundation competition: the prizes for outstanding commitment to language development in the categories of children and young adults aged 10 to 16 and 17 to 25 respectively go to the Faculty of Pedagogy and Educational Sciences.


Bremen Participates in Research Flights over Canada

Methane is produced by oil and gas extraction, coal mining, landfills, farming, wetlands, and thawing permafrost areas. But what are the exact numbers for each source? To find out, the HALO research aircraft has been operating over Canada – with researchers from the University of Bremen on board.

Fluss in Malaysia

Geoengineering Could Destabilize Tropical Peat Soils

The earth is warming up at an increasing rate. In her research on reducing carbon dioxide (CO2), Dr. Alexandra Klemme from the University of Bremen discovered that “enhanced weathering” – which, until now, has been considered a promising method – is not suitable for tropical peat soils.

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Researching Society Together

In the citizen science project “GINGER – Researching Society Together,” citizens and academics are jointly conducting research on the topic of social cohesion. The local project meetings will begin on September 29, 2022, in Klub Dialog. Those interested are invited to participate.


Hackathon: Bringing Maritime Navigation Instruments to Life

Seaman’s Gear: a two-day hackathon on October 8 and 9, 2022, aims to breathe new virtual life into historical maritime navigation instruments. The organizers are MAPEX, the German Maritime Museum – Leibniz Institute for Maritime History, and the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

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“Places Available for Master‘s Degree

In cooperation with the Chamber of Labour, the University of Bremen is offering a master’s degree in “Work – Advice – Organization” with three certificate programs. There are still places available on the course which starts in the beginning of October. Applications are possible at short notice.

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Transparent and Fair Appointment Negotiations

The German Association of University Professors and Lecturers (DHV) has awarded the University of Bremen the seal of approval for fair and transparent appointment negotiations for a further five years. This means the university has successfully passed the re-audit procedure for the second time.

Mariano Chiacchiarini

Mariano Chiacchiarini Is the University of Bremen’s New Director of Music

The University of Bremen has a new Director of Music. Mariano Chiacchiarini took up his position in September 2022 and now leads the choir and orchestra. The internationally renowned, multi-award-winning conductor was previously Director of Music at the University of Trier for eleven years.


From Bremen to the Stars: Astronomical Society Annual Meeting

From September 12 to 16, the University of Bremen is hosting the Annual Meeting of the German Astronomical Society – AG (Astronomische Gesellschaft). Under the theme “Astronomy from Ground to Space,” participants will discuss the latest findings in astrophysics, focusing on space-based astronomy. …

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hyBit: New Large-Scale Hydrogen Research Project Launched in Bremen

Hydrogen is seen as the “energy carrier of tomorrow.” But the path to an efficient hydrogen economy is complex and requires excellent scientific research. The large-scale hyBit hydrogen research project coordinated by the university is receiving almost 30 million euros in funding for the purpose.

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Making Better Use of Smartwatches and Smartglasses at Work

As part of a joint project, the University of Bremen developed a privacy management system for personalized assistance systems such as smartwatches and smartglasses. The results will be presented at the Bremen Parliament House on August 31.


KIWI: Success in Just a Few Swipes

Digitization and robotics are changing the world of work, making continuing education and orientation vital. As part of the KIWI project, a team from the University of Bremen is developing a VR training environment and AI-supported career and training recommendations inspired by dating apps.

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University of Bremen Conferences in September

The University of Bremen’s conferences in September 2022 will focus on a diverse range of topics, including artificial intelligence and robotics, the mathematical question of Boolean logic, the exciting field of presenting data via sound, and the challenges presented by modern logistics.

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New Insights into Huntington’s Disease

Huntington’s chorea is a hereditary disease that leads to cognitive and motor impairments and death. Scientists at the University of Bremen have worked with international partners to elucidate the mechanism by which the mutated huntingtin protein can be kept at bay.

A robot in the research lab at DFKI

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence to be held in Bremen in 2026

Bremen will be hosting the prestigious International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in 2026. Thanks to the successful application made by the U Bremen Research Alliance and the Section for Artificial Intelligence at the German Informatics Society the conference will be held in Germany.

Man in white coat, mask and VR glasses looks at 3D-printed human liver he holds in his left hand.

3D Technologies for Surgical Success in Medicine

Scientists and developers of the VIVATOP research network have developed 3D technologies that enable novel, fast, and precise preparation for surgical procedures. The project results also aid surgeries and medical training.

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Heat accumulation triggers Heinrich events

In a new study, researchers from Bremen, Kiel, Köln and São Paulo (Brazil) have now shown that an accumulation of heat in the deeper Labrador Sea caused instabilities in the Laurentide Ice Sheet, which covered much of North America at the time. The Heinrich Events were triggered as a result.

Glashalle im Sonnenschein

University of Bremen Successful in Worldwide Ranking

The University of Bremen has once again achieved a top position in the international Shanghai Ranking. It ranked first in Germany in marine sciences. The University of Bremen also leads the table of German universities in the geosciences.


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