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Nachhaltige Ideen, um die Digitalisierungskompetenzen des Einzelhandels in Bremen zu stärken – das ist das Ziel des Projekts.

Digitalization: Students Support Bremen’s Retail Sector

In a pilot project, master’s students from the University of Bremen have supported Bremen’s retail sector in digitalization. The project is a cooperation between the university and the “Digital Guides” (“Digitallotsen”), an initiative of Bremen State and Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen (WFB).

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Glashalle im Sonnenschein
Uni-Allgemein| Corona|

Corona: Regulations Extended until April 30

At the start of the semester, the decision has been made to extend the general regulations for students and staff at the University of Bremen until April 30 based on increasing corona infection rates. Employees of Bremen State now also have the opportunity to be tested for free.

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Know-How Protection for Trustworthy Electronics

Our lives will be increasingly influenced by electronic components in the future – e.g. in self-driving cars or service robots. In order to trust said components, the government is funding scientific projects as part of a flagship initiative. The Computer Architecture working group is involved.

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Die Universität Bremen

Studying in Bremen and Bremerhaven

The universities in Bremen State will introduce themselves and provide information on their degree offers and application processes at a joint online event, which will take place twice. Namely on April 15, and May 27, 2021, between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

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Fake News in Your Letterbox

The internet and social media are full of fake news and misinformation on COVID and the vaccination. Flyers and brochures also find their way into real-life letterboxes. A project at the University of Bremen is examining the content and distribution of printed misinformation.

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Eine Radiomoderatorin und ein Radiomoderator

Mediapractice 2021: Secure a Spot Now

Job speed dating, Alumni Talk, and discussion rounds – that is Mediapractice 2021. Organized by students for students, the five-day networking event will take place digitally from April 12 to 16, 2021. Those interested can find out more about media companies.

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Studierende im Seminarraum

Third Course for Work and Staff Councils to Begin

The further training course “Work / Technology Organization and Participation” will start in September. This part-time offer is a step towards a master’s degree and is aimed at work representatives. Info events will take place digitally at 5 p.m. on both April 13 and May 19, 2021.

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VIVATOP: More Insight during Liver Surgery

A network made up of agents from the economy, science, and health sector, which is being led by the University of Bremen, is developing 3D technologies for surgeons. The aids for surgery planning are particularly advanced.

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Genetic Code DNA Molecule Structure

Religiousness Is in Our Genes, Our Religious Confession Is Not

The environment in which a person grows up has a great effect on which religion said person chooses. Religious acts and beliefs are, however, partially genetically influenced – independently of the specific religion. That is the result of a Bremen study.

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Spielzeug auf einer Leine in der Kita

Children in Focus: Long-Term Study Enters Second Phase

The school closures during the pandemic make it clear: Improving education opportunities for socially disadvantaged children is becoming increasingly important. A long-term study wants to research the advantages of early support of children for a better start to school life.

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Mann und Roboter

Science Prize for Michael Beetz

Outstanding work with a high level of relevance for the retail and consumer goods industry: Professor Michael Beetz, head of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IAI) at the University of Bremen, has now been honored for this with the Science Prize from EHI Stiftung and GS1 Germany.

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Two men holding a picture and laughing at the camera

“Still Analogue Or Are You Already Living?”

Many people know him: Nœrdman. The nerd from Northern Germany. He makes us smirk with his comics on social media. The creators of Nœrdman, Professor Rolf Drechsler and Dr. Jannis Stoppe, have now published their first book with the character. There’s a lot to learn and to laugh about.

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Glass Hall of the University of Bremen

Academic Senate Demands Adherence to Science Plan

The Academic Senate of the University of Bremen demands that the Science Plan 2025 be adhered to. With the announced cuts, the state government is putting Bremen’s education and innovation strength at risk. The university is training experts and teachers who are desperately needed in the region.

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[Translate to English:] Männer und Frauen arbeiten im Labor

University of Bremen Successful in MINTchallenge

The "MINTScience Blog" at the University of Bremen explains complex research topics. The editorial team were successful in the MINTchallenge. In the competition hosted by Stifterverband and Club MINT, the team won over the jury with its blog and was awarded the third prize.

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Glashaus Universität Bremen Ansicht vom Boulevard
News| Uni-Allgemein|

Special Academic Senate Meeting

The Academic Senate will hold a special digital meeting on Monday, March 15. The Bremen Senate’s planned benchmark for the scientific budget is on the agenda.

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Doctoral student Carry Luise Zimmermann wearing a VR headset.

Learning About Sustainability in a Virtual Space

A virtual learning space where students can work on sustainability in a practice and research-based manner: That is the aim of a new research project at the University of Bremen. Volkswagen AG is funding the project with one million euros over five years.

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Gründungsradar: University of Bremen a Front Runner

When the topic is start-up support, the University of Bremen is one of the top universities in Germany. In the current “Gründungsradar 2020” (Start-up Radar 2020) ranking from the Stifterverband, the university places 11th among the big universities.

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Two young men look into the camera

"rent a teacherman" Supports "Boys’ School" in Bremen

The "rent a teacherman" project at the university supports primary schools in Bremen and Bremerhaven where there are too few male teachers. For a short while now, the only "boys’ school" in Bremen State is also involved – the Support Center for Social and Emotional Development.

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Ein Arzt schreibt ein Rezept

Medical Cannabis: Benefit Often Not Proven

Medical cannabis is prescribed too often without any proven benefit. A study carried out by SOCIUM at the University of Bremen, which was funded by BKK Mobil Oil and led by Professor Gerd Glaeske, has found out that areas of use have been approved with insufficient examination.

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Studierende sitzen um einen Rechner

Bremen Thesis Award 2020

The "unifreunde" Association of the Friends of the University of Bremen and Jacobs University will digitally award the Bremen Thesis Prize for outstanding theses at 6 p.m. on March 16, 2021. Bruker Daltonik GmbH is sponsoring a special prize.

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More than 100 bachelor's and master's degree programs, a state law exam, international and continuing education courses – so if you decide to study at the University of Bremen, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from. If you already have a good idea about what you want to study, you will find information on all the study programs offered by the University of Bremen here, sorted alphabetically and searchable by various criteria.

If you are still undecided in your choice of subject, get help from the Central Student Advisory Service. They will help you turn your still vague ideas into a clear study profile. For a first orientation, however, we have divided the study programs available into eight study and occupational fields to help you narrow down the field.



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Research-based learning offers all students the opportunity to actively shape the learning experience. The University of Bremen offers a wide range of subjects encompassing many different knowledge cultures. From this diversity emerges a study culture of mutual esteem which enables vibrant and successful studies.


The online Course Catalog lists courses and lectures sorted by subject areas (Faculties) and degree programs, as well as cross-departmental offers. Within the frame of UniStart, freshers can attend university courses in preparation for their studies; to orient themselves on campus or to make contact with fellow students.

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The first point of contact for information about studying is the Central Student Advisory Service. Subject-specific questions can be clarified in the study centers or with the program advisers. Taster offers (look-ins) and the Information Day for Prospective Students (website in German only) provide opportunities to get to know the University of Bremen a little better.

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Our campus breathes life into diversity.  2,200 people from all five continents study here. More than 600 international cooperation partners form our worldwide network. Many Faculties offer international degree courses. Prospective international students can look forward to a diverse range of academic and cultural offers.

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