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Foundations as Driving Forces: Campaign Day on October 01

How are Bremen foundations sources of societal change? This question will be asked at the “Zusammen gestalten wir Zukunft” campaign day at House of Science, to which the University of Bremen Foundation and Stiftungshaus Bremen invite you on October 01, 2021. Registration is open until September 28.

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Neubau Architektur

4,000 Square Meters for Deep-Sea Research

At the corner of Leobener Straße and Hochschulring, the new Center for Deep-Sea Research (ZfT) is being built. Located next to the University of Bremen’s MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, research into fundamental deep-sea processes will be conducted.

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Yellow flower grows on arid soil

Global Climate Alliance Student Program

The University of Bremen and the International Universities Climate Alliance (IUCA) have launched an ambitious, accessible student engagement program that spans the globe, bringing together experts from various disciplines and participants with diverse lived experience.

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Let’s Hear if the Painting Hangs Crooked

Psychoacoustic sonification: This term refers to the expression of data in form of sound rather than though visualization. Students at the University of Bremen have now used this technology to create an acoustic spirit level, which is available free of charge in the form of the “Tiltification" App.

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The Smart Fence for Keeping Out Wolves

A joint project of the universities of Bremen and Gießen and the RoFlexs company is researching and developing a pasture fence that uses AI to detect and deter wolves. The system is designed to better protect grazing livestock and promote coexistence among people, livestock, and wolves.

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Frau am PC

Lecture on the Digitalization of Academic Education

“Digitalization of Academic Education – Everything Back to Pre-COVID Times or Digital Transformation?” is the topic of the discussion at the 12th Conrad Naber “Visions” lecture, organized by unifreunde and the University of Bremen. It takes place on Monday, September 20, 2021 at “Die Glocke.”

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Inventation to CampusIdeen

CAMPUSiDEEN 2021: Digital Awards Ceremony

Once again, this year, the CAMPUSiDEEN competition honors the best startup ideas from Bremen’s university landscape. The digital awards ceremony will be held at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, September 29, 2021. The finalists include nine business ideas and five business concepts. Anyone interested is welcome

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 Mangroves and small salt marsh in Brazil.

Research Mission Investigates the Ocean as a Carbon Store

How can the ocean help to effectively contain climate change? This question forms the core of the first research mission of the German Marine Research Alliance (DAM), which has just started. The University of Bremen plays a significant role in two projects.

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Flags on the campus of the university

University of Bremen Conferences in September 2021

Three conferences will take place at the University of Bremen in September 2021. They focus on experimental fluid mechanics, advanced training in mathematics, and an interdisciplinary debate surrounding the Anthropocene.

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High Vaccination Rate Among University of Bremen Students

University of Bremen students show a high level of willingness for getting vaccinated against COVID-19. The majority wishes to return to face-to-face classes when all students have been given the opportunity to be vaccinated. That is the result of an online survey carried out by the IPP and BIPS.

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[Translate to English:] Ausgedörrter Acker

University of Bremen Researcher Contributes to World Climate Report

Professor Veronika Eyring from the University of Bremen and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is involved in the IPCC report that was presented on August 9, 2021. The climate researcher is the coordinating principle author of the “Human Influence on the Climate System” chapter.

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Forschungsschiff auf dem Meer

How Oceans Are Measured: Data for Climate Reports

Before the new IPCC report is presented on Monday, August 9, 2021, the German Marine Research Consortium (KDM) and the German Climate Consortium (DKK) will publish a brochure on the measuring of climate-relevant Atlantic circulation. The brochures shows how data is collected.

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equipment in front of sunset.

University Involved in Important Climate Research Program

Better forecasts for air quality, weather, and climate: The University of Bremen is one of eleven German institutions contributing to the EU research infrastructure ACTRIS. The scientific location of Bremen is being strengthened immensely in the German field of atmosphere and climate research.

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Ausschnitt der Glashalle vor blauem, leicht bewölktem Himmel.

Corona: 3G Rule to Be Introduced on Campus

The 3G rule will apply on the University of Bremen campus from next week. All persons on campus must be fully vaccinated, recovered, or tested from August 2, onwards. This also applies to students and staff. It remains obligatory that masks are worn in buildings.

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Frau am Computer

Start of PRAXIS Summer Camps 2021 at University

84 students, 25 industry partners, three weeks of project time - at the university’s 5th PRAXIS Summer Camp (PSC21), students are focusing on real tasks from company operations. The points of focus are digitalization, health, innovation management, new work, communication, and media.

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Trustworthy Electronics: Network Project Develops Novel Know-How Protection

Self-driving cars, service robots, communication: Our daily lives are increasingly influenced by microelectronics that we have to trust. Within a network project, the Institute of Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics is carrying out research on expert knowledge.

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On stage, wearing a mask and adhering to social distancing rules: University of Bremen students during a rehearsal of a play by Jean-Paul Sartre.

Against War: Theater InCognito Plays Sartre

The Theater InCognito group of the University of Bremen invites you to the premiere in the theatre hall on campus at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, July 27, 2021. They perform Jean-Paul Sartre’s adaptation of “Euripides’ Trojan Women”.

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Old document with handwritten text and seal

Estate of Egyptologist Adolf Erman Accessible Digitally

The Bremen State and University Library (SuUB) is finalizing a major digitalization project: The estate of the founder of modern Egyptology, Adolf Erman, is significant for the history of science and now accessible digitally free of charge.

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Graphene-Like Materials: University Involved in Priority Program

Graphene is considered the “wonder material of the future” because it makes entirely new products and applications possible - however, it is now only one of many atom-thin materials. The university is also involved in the research surrounding these “van der Waals materials” with three projects.

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Young woman wearing a mask is looking at her mobile phone

High Willingness to Share Health Data

In the pandemic, many people have been prepared to make their health data available for research purposes. This is an important finding from a study on the behavior of the corona data-contribution app users. The study also provides information for future crisis technologies.

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Program Offerings

More than 100 bachelor's and master's degree programs, a state law exam, international and continuing education courses – so if you decide to study at the University of Bremen, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from. If you already have a good idea about what you want to study, you will find information on all the study programs offered by the University of Bremen here, sorted alphabetically and searchable by various criteria.

If you are still undecided in your choice of subject, get help from the Central Student Advisory Service. They will help you turn your still vague ideas into a clear study profile. For a first orientation, however, we have divided the study programs available into eight study and occupational fields to help you narrow down the field.



Teaching profile

Research-based learning offers all students the opportunity to actively shape the learning experience. The University of Bremen offers a wide range of subjects encompassing many different knowledge cultures. From this diversity emerges a study culture of mutual esteem which enables vibrant and successful studies.


The online Course Catalog lists courses and lectures sorted by subject areas (Faculties) and degree programs, as well as cross-departmental offers. Within the frame of UniStart, freshers can attend university courses in preparation for their studies; to orient themselves on campus or to make contact with fellow students.

Advice and Orientation

The first point of contact for information about studying is the Central Student Advisory Service. Subject-specific questions can be clarified in the study centers or with the program advisers. Taster offers (look-ins) and the Information Day for Prospective Students (website in German only) provide opportunities to get to know the University of Bremen a little better.

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Our campus breathes life into diversity.  2,200 people from all five continents study here. More than 600 international cooperation partners form our worldwide network. Many Faculties offer international degree courses. Prospective international students can look forward to a diverse range of academic and cultural offers.

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