50 Years of the University of Bremen

Significant for the City and Society

In 2021 the University of Bremen turned 50 years old. This was a special opportunity to make the university more visible, both nationally and internationally, and to show what our university means for Bremen and for society.

“50 Years of the University of Bremen” was a chance to take a look at the next years together with university members but also Bremen citizens and partners and ask: Where are we now? Where are we heading? Where have we come from?

To celebrate our 50-year jubilee, the university showed its diverse facets as a European research university and inspiring educational location. We brought the city onto our campus and turned the city into a campus – whether this be with face-to-face or digital events. University staff and students worked on diverse projects that display all aspects of the university and show how connected the university is to day-to-day life in Bremen and society.

Video: President Bernd Scholz-Reiter talks about the University of Bremen (with English subtitles)

Anniversary Year Highlights

GfG / Gruppe für Gestaltung GmbH

50 Reasons WHY

WHY has the University of Bremen been closely interwoven with its home for five decades and why is it an important part of Bremen’s DNA? And where can it be found throughout the state and in the community? We show you what people from and with the university have already achieved. Find out from 50 examples of the university’s involvement and how it has changed Bremen since 1971. From March to August, 50 marked sites will be visible. In October, an exhibition in the Lower Hall of Bremen’s Town Hall will bring them all together.


"50 Reasons Why"-Sites:
viewable online

Die Open Campus Week dargestellt in einer Zeichung: Eine Bühne und Pagoden im Vordergrund und das Mehrzweckgegäude (MZH) und dem Fallturm im Hintergrund.


Early June, the digital OPEN CAMPUS WEEK took place. For five days, faculties, institutes, and other university institutions showed off their talents under the motto “OPEN WORLDS – SHARE KNOWLEDGE.” The planning team developed a diverse and interactive concept, which makes it possible to digitally discover and experience the university. The result is a mixture of live formats and other content, such as videos, podcasts, informative texts, photos, and illustrations. Most of the digital content can still be accessed – such as the interactive map which allows you to digitally discover our campus anytime.

Digital Event

Die Universität Bremen und die Stadt Bremen zusammengehörige Bestandteile von Bremen in einer Zeichung dargestellt.


In fall, the University of Bremen invigorated Bremen’s city with a wide range of research and teaching topics.You can find photos of CAMPUS CITY here.

Location: Bremen city center
Dates: October 14 – 31, 2021

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