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The University of Bremen, Inspiring Education

The University of Bremen is an excellent research university, attracting top academics. Its members develop and design new lines of research, promote new scientific approaches in all subjects, and closely link teaching with research. The latest research is fed directly into studies and teaching. The University of Bremen stands for interdisciplinary teaching and research. Its committed teaching staff is always reflecting on and advancing educational concepts. This makes the University of Bremen an inspiring place to learn.

Our strategy 2018–2028

University Executive Board

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Scholz-Reiter has been the University President since 2012. He is the academic head of the University of Bremen and Chairman of the Academic Senate. He is in charge of determining the strategic direction of teaching and research. Three Vice-Presidents, deputies of the University President, support him in the further development of the University. Prof.Dr. Jutta Günther is responsible for research, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoffmeister is responsible for academic life, and Prof.Dr. Eva Feichtner for diversity and internationality. Frauke Meyer is Director of Finance and Administration.


Teaching and Studying

Close connection to research, participation and diversity characterize teaching at the University of Bremen. More than 100 attractive study programs are designed to immediately involve students, enabling them to find new insights into and solutions to current pressing issues. Students will quickly identify with their subject and develop competences for a perceptive approach to learning in all study phases. These are decisive factors in the high quality of studies at the University of Bremen.



The University of Bremen is young, mid-sized, and strong in research. As an all-round university, its research profile is diverse and characterized by collaborative research as well as excellent individual achievement.

The University’s profile is shaped by its five high-profile areas which enjoy an international reputation for cutting-edge research.



International Profile

Internationality is a strategic feature of the University of Bremen. As an international university, we see internationalization as a process that extends into all university areas – in research, studies and administration. People from more than 100 nations enrich campus life. We are networked worldwide and work with our international partners on scientific breakthroughs and finding solutions to global challenges.



Every award earned by our academics is an award for the entire university, even if it is a result of individual performance or team success –. Also as an institution, the university has received many awards, these include successes in the Excellence Initiative, ERC grants or Lichtenberg professorships as well as the Berninghausen Prize for outstanding teaching.



The University of Bremen campus is compact: Studying, research, teaching, and life. Numerous cultural events take place on campus, including exhibitions, theater, choir, orchestra and Big Band performances as well as English-speaking literary and drama groups.