Social Media

The University of Bremen in social networks

The University of Bremen is active in several social networks in order to communicate with students, employees and the public. Currently, the university presents itself to the public on five platforms: Instagram, Mastodon, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube. These main accounts are recognizable by the name “Universität Bremen.” They are maintained by the University Communication and Marketing Team and aimed at diverse target groups. In addition, there are accounts that are aimed at specific target groups.

Apart from the name “Universität Bremen”, these bear an additional reference; for example, “Studienorientierung Universität Bremen” (University Bremen Program Orientation). These include, among others, Facebook pages and groups of individual programs or the accounts of some research groups. These accounts are maintained by the respective areas.

We are trying to create barrier-free posts wherever possible. If you have any questions or ideas on this topic, please contact us at socialmediaprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de.


Tina Bahlert / Jacqueline Schäfer / Lena Wenke
University Communication and Marketing
Phone: +49 421 218 -60166 / -60154 / -60157
socialmediaprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Information for university members

Employees of the University of Bremen can use social media for the external communication of their areas. The University Communication and Marketing Team offers support in selecting, designing and implementing suitable activities. More information can be found in the internal area.


Notes on data privacy

The University Communication and Marketing Team is responsible for the University of Bremen’s appearances on Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, TikTok and YouTube. We do not store any personal data of subscribers to our channels, unless it is needed, for example, for a competition. In such a case, prior consent is obtained, for instance, through the terms and conditions of participation. The content shared on social media such as comments, pictures, or videos will at no time be used for other purposes or passed on without permission. If sections of the content are used, for example, for internal training purposes, the authors will be anonymized.

The University Communication and Marketing Team of the University of Bremen as the manager of the university’s social media presence has no influence on the processing of your data by the respective provider. It cannot be ruled out that the providers evaluate user data and/or pass it on to third parties. Only use the platforms if you are fully aware of these effects and are prepared to accept the risks mentioned.

The privacy policies of the respective providers can be found on their websites: