Academic Career Options at the University of Bremen

Academic Career Paths at the University of Bremen

The University of Bremen is committed to being an attractive place for the best academics at all career stages. It has therefore developed modern solutions for reliable, transparent, and long-term career paths.

On these websites, you can find more information on the different academic job categories, the appointment procedures as well as training and support offers for employees in research and teaching at the University of Bremen.

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Here you will find information on appointment procedures, appointment negotiations and negotiations to remain, salaries of professors as well as information and support offers for (newly appointed) professors at the University of Bremen.

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(Senior-) Researcher und (Senior-) Lecturer

To work permanently and independently in the academic mid-level sector after having successfully completed a tenure track-phase? It’s possible at the University of Bremen. Here, applicants, job holders, and other interested persons can find useful information about the job categories (Senior) Lecturer and (Senior) Researcher at the University of Bremen.

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Lecturers fulfill teaching and research tasks independently. You can find more information about this job category here.

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Doctoral Candidates and Postdoctoral Researchers

Here you will find information on all matters relating to doctoral and postdoctoral studies at the University of Bremen.

Interesting Facts


By applying for the EU’s “HR Excellence in Research” seal of approval, the University of Bremen has embarked on an extensive quality assurance process regarding the working conditions of researchers.

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Human Resources Development

Our concept for the development of human resources shows the career and professional development opportunities that members of academic staff have at the University of Bremen.

Grafik der wissenschaftlichen Karrierestufen