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Welcome to Bremen

We are very happy to welcome you to the University of Bremen and to the Uni-Start Portal! The Uni-Start-Portal is especially designed for freshmen and is intended to help you find your way around the University during the introductory phase. You will find comprehensive information about the orientation week and the campus, including helpful tips for creating your timetable and a German dictionary of the vocabulary commonly used at the university. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any further questions.




Central Student Advisory Service

Consultation Hours:
Mon 9-12: Phone
Tue 9-12: Zoom with appointment
Wed 14-16: Zoom without appointment
Thu 9-12: Consultation on campus without appointment

+49 (0) 421 218-61160
zsbprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Introduction of the degree courses

During the orientation week, the courses of study at the University of Bremen offer introductory events on topics such as the degree curriculum and the timetable. Other events, e.g. campus rallies or pub evenings to get to know each other complete the professional program. In addition, many courses of study offer preliminary courses to help students get started.

We have compiled all events for you and sorted them by subject so that you can make a plan for the orientation week in advance.

Please note that most of our degree courses and events are held in German. All activities that take place in English will be titled accordingly.



Introduction to the study of teaching professions

In order to be able to study to become a teacher in Germany, you would need to prove German C1 - so all events regarding our teacher education are held in German.


Interdisciplinary activities and events

Here you will find events that provide information on various topics and facilities, such as campus tours or information on studying abroad. Even though the events are often only offered in German, you are welcome to participate. For many events basic language skills are sufficient.


Special offers

Even though the events are often only offered in German, you are welcome to participate. For many events basic language skills are sufficient.

What does the university offer to introduce students to their studies?

When you begin your studies at the University of Bremen, you can be sure that you will not be left alone. An orientation week is offered to all freshmen before they begin their studies. In addition, introductory events are also held before the orientation week. Why you should attend the orientation week and the other events is briefly summarized here:

Orientation week

  • Monday, 11.10. to Friday, 15.10.2021
  • All freshmen, as well as advanced students can participate - participation in the orientation week is highly recommended!
  • Presentation of study plans
  • Support in creating the curriculum
  • Campus and library tours
  • Presentation of the lecturers and the faculty
  • A diverse mix of official introductory events and student organized events such as pub evenings or parties
    many interdisciplinary events
  • many interdisciplinary events
  • many helpful tips for the start of your studies and for the entire study program

Introductions and courses prior to the orientation week

  • The start of the courses prior to the orientation week will expectedly take place in Septemer 2021
  • offer an introduction to the study
  • Refreshing of school knowledge, e.g. pre-math courses
  • Insight into research areas and questions of the study program

► to the program of all introductory events

The University on social media

The University of Bremen is present on many online channels. In particular, the group on Facebook for all freshmen is intended to help students start their studies.

In the Blog "Euer UniLeben EULe" ("Your Uni Life" - only available in German) students report about their everyday life as students, about events and offer useful tips.