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Central Student Advisory Service

Advise without appointment:
Mon, Thu 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Advise with appointment:
Tue 2 to 4 p.m.: Zoom or face-to-face
Additional appointments

Visiting address:
VWG Building (Central Administration)

Brief information by phone:
Tue, Wed, Fri 3 to 5 p.m.

+49 (0)421 218-61160
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Signs for orientation.

Support with the Timetable and Course of Studies

For questions regarding study planning and examination regulations, students can contact the respective study centers. As a rule, the academic advising is carried out by university lecturers of the degree program. They advise on questions about study content related to the structure of the study program, the design of the study program, and the possible focus of the study program.

The respective advisors can also be found in the study database in the program descriptions under "Contact" (at first, you have to search the respective degree program). The advisor can also advise you on questions regarding the recognition of academic achievements. The examination board decides on the recognition.

First Support of Students from Higher Semesters

Students who have already studied at the University of Bremen for a few semesters know many problems and practical solutions and can help with difficulties. Freshmen can get to know the "old" students during the orientation week. Students in higher semesters are partly organized in the student body, StugA for short, and can serve as first contact persons for questions about the study process and problems of the study program. In the "Stugen-Wiki" you can find an overview of the "Stugen" at the University of Bremen.
However, a certain amount of caution should be exercised with regard to much of the information you receive at the university. There are always changes in the study program, examination regulations are rewritten, teaching staff members who were there yesterday are suddenly replaced by others.

Advice and Support for Students of All Subjects

Central Student Advisory Service

The Central Student Advisory Service helps you with general questions about your studies, if problems arise during your studies, if you have questions about changing your major or university, or if you want to drop out of your studies. It knows the contact persons at the university and can refer you to the right places.


Student Office

The Student Office is the contact for application documents, re-registration & semester fees, leave of absence and much more.



If you would like to expand your interdisciplinary tools during your studies, the Studierwerkstatt is the right place for you. There you will find, for example, workshops on scientific work, reading techniques, exam preparation and presenting.


Academic Advisory Office Teacher Education

The Academic Advisory Office Teacher Education is the contact point for all interdisciplinary topics concerning the teaching profession, such as study structure in the teaching profession, difficulties in the course of studies, change of university and lateral entry into the teaching profession, application and transition to the Master of Education and has many good tips for entering the teaching profession.


Stays Abroad and Languages

If you want to go abroad, learn a new language or brush up on your language skills, the International Office and the Languages Centre of the Universities in the Land of Bremen are the places to go. The Career Center also provides information on internships abroad.


The O-Week should take place in a non-discriminatory, inclusive, respectful and tolerant framework. The website shows where students can find retreat and recreation and which persons and offices you can contact in case of problems.


Anti-Discrimination and Conflict Counseling

The ADE - Anti-Discrimination and Conflict Management Office - Expertise and Conflict Counseling advises students who have experienced discrimination in the course of their studies or would like to accept support in the event of a conflict.


Equal Opportunities

You will find several offers to strengthen equal opportunities in studies.

Psychological Counseling

The Psychological Counselling Centre is there for you in crisis situations, but also for issues such as work difficulties, concentration problems and writer's block and much more.



Surely you travel with the semester ticket. But if you ever want to borrow a car or use the bicycle self-help workshop, the offers of the AStA are interesting for you.

Media Lending

In the media center, equipment such as camera or beamer can be borrowed to use for studies. If equipment such as speakers or DJ mixers are needed for the next party or demo, the AStA's music equipment rental service will provide support.

Writing Workshops

Take advantage of faculty advice and support to improve your academic writing.

Faculty 6 (in German)

Faculty 9

Faculty 10 (in German)

Lost – Found

If you have lost something, it is worth asking at the University Lost and Found Office or looking in the classifieds at Stud.IP. Also remember to check the lost property office of the city of Bremen as well as the BSAG.

Legal Office

The university's legal office is responsible for legal issues such as in matters of objection, admission, enrollment and examination procedures.

International Students

The university welcomes its international students with several networking and support opportunities. For this purpose, there is an international coordinator in each faculty and a collection of concrete offers of help for international students, as well as advice from the Verein für Innere Mission Bremen.


If you move, you can take care of your registration matters at the Bürgeramt bsu on campus or at another Bürgeramt in Bremen. There you will also find information about the welcome payment.

The Student Services Organisation Bremen has many discounted offers for student accommodation. Of course, there are many other attractive alternatives, some even on campus.

If you would like to apply for a certificate of eligibility for social housing, you can easily get an initial overview online. It's the same way for Wohngeld (housing allowance).

Finances: Bafög and Jobs

Basic questions regarding the financing of studies can be discussed at the social counseling of the Student Services Organisation Bremen as well as at the BAföG and social counseling of the AStA. Solidarische Hilfe e.V. offers debtor and social counseling. The Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen (Bremen Chamber of Employees) offers public legal advice on the subject of labor and social security law.

The Bafög office of the Student Services Organisation provides advice on BAföG. In case of difficulties, the BAföG and social counseling of the AStA provides additional support.

Students can search for internships, jobs and job offers on the Career Center's job portal. A collection of job exchanges can also be found there. In addition, there is a job placement service on campus.

Further information and advice on these topics can be found on the page Studienfinanzierung und Jobben (Student Financing and Jobs)

Career Guidance

Praxisbüros und Praktikumsbeauftrage (Internship offices and internship officers) in the faculties offer information about internships and career entry as well as support in finding a career and acquiring additional qualifications relevant to the profession. The Career Center provides information and advice on application strategies, development on the job market, individual qualification and professional orientation. In addition, there are many other offers for practice-oriented study organization.

Studying in Special Life Situations

Students with children and students with impairments will find all important contact points and many helpful tips on the corresponding portals of the University of Bremen.

Work Safety

If you need advice on the subject of occupational safety, you can get support from Administrative Unit 02: Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection. All questions relating to your safety, e.g. working in the laboratory, personal protective equipment or protecting expectant mothers, can be clarified there.