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Coronavirus Update

New: General "Shut Down" since the 15th of December (non-essential shops are closed, no public gatherings allowed, etc) for details on the regulations for Bremen check here.

Latest updates concerning the safety and preventive regulations on the campus of the University of Bremen can be found in the FAQs.

Since October infections rates in Bremen are rising. It is now compulsory to wear a face mask on the campus, in the city of Bremen and in other public places where the minimun distance cannot be maintained. Watch out for the signposts, keep yourself updated through the media and follow the instructions by the authorities.

The winter semester 2020/21 will be offered in a hybrid format, i.e. mainly online courses combined with face-to-face elements where possible.

Check also the homepage of the University of Bremen for updates on the current information and regulations around the Covid-19 pandemic.

General information are available in the FAQ section: Corona Update FAQs

The hygiene concept as per 2.11.2020 can be downloaded here.

Most offices on campus are still closed for the public until further notice. Please contact us and other colleagues via email. Original documents for signing can be sent by post or electronically.



When you are coming from a high risk area, you must register in advance via the Internet. The website for this is called "Digital Entry Registration". You can find it here: . Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation. You will have to present this confirmation on your arrival in Bremen

There is a testing obligation for incoming travellers from areas classified as a high risk area by the Robert-Koch-Institut.Additionally, you have to stay in self-quarantine for 14 days.
The english version of the FAQs issued by the  Federal Ministry of Health regarding testing and quarantine are here

Please check the website with the Corona - FAQs for latest information about the regulations around your arrival in Bremen. Scroll down to the question "What should I do if I am coming to Bremen from abroad?"

You should take the PCR-test in your home country before departure. A scan of the negative result has to be sent to the public health department ("Gesundheitsamt") in Bremen by email (officeprotect me ?!gesundheitsamt.bremenprotect me ?!.de) . Please indicate your full name and your address in Bremen. The test result shall not be older than 48 hours when you enter Germany and must be from a certified laboratory .
Stay in quarantine at home until you get your release notification from the public health office ("Gesundheitsamt").

Besides the testing obligation all incoming travellers have to notify the “Ordnungsamt” in Bremen about their arrival. Please send an email to infektionsschutzprotect me ?!ordnungsamt.bremenprotect me ?!.de indicating your full name, contact data, address in Bremen and the date of arrival.

Until you are released by the public health office you have to adhere to an isolation period of 14 days after arrival in Bremen.

The list of high risk areas is updated daily. Please check also this website of the European Union before you travel to Germany. The regulations issued by the German Government, the Federal Foreign Office ("Auswärtiges Amt") and the regulations issued by the State of Bremen have to be observed as well.

The english version for the regulations for Bremen is available here. Scroll down to Part 4, point 3, for the regulations during the 14-days quarantine at home.

In case you have to go into quarantine please arrange with your flatmates to get the supplies for you. You can also order groceries or meals and and have them delivered to your address. Some links are here.

The quarantine regulations for Bremen can be found in the "Corona Ordinance for Bremen and Bremerhaven". Scroll down to part 4, point 3.



The university library has re-opened partially. Check the website of the SuUb for Corona related updates and details on the opening hours and access restrictions.

The Café Central on the Boulevard has re-opened and offers a limited choice of take-away meals. The Mensa has re-opened as well. Check here for more information.

The accommodation office of the "Studierendenwerk" is closed to the public as well, please contact them via email or phone.

The Bremen Service University (BSU) is closed. All formalities have to be done electronically or by post. 


General Information:

Attention: Bremen is also a risk area as of 12th of October! Please help us lower the infection rate by observing the general rules for distancing and hygiene!

It is compulsory to wear a face mask which covers mouth and nose on the campus, in most parts of the city of Bremen, in shops, in the public transport and in other places where distancing cannot be guaranteed.

A minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other people must be maintained in public. Please observe the possible additonal restrictions issued by the German federal state you are living in. The regulations for Bremen are here.

If you get a fever or other symptoms which may be caused by coronavirus (coughing, difficulty in breathing, running nose, loss of sense of taste etc.) please do not go out nor go to a doctor or to a hospital!

Instead, please stay at home and call a local doctor on 116117 to clarify the further steps. General information might be obtained at the info-phone: 115. If you call from your cellphone do not forget to dial the country and area code for Bremen (0049-421-).

You can call any doctor or find a doctor (“Hausarzt”) here:ärzte .
Tick your part of Bremen (“Stadtteil”) and your preferred language (“Fremdsprachen”) to find a “Hausarzt” in your neighbourhood.

Outside of the doctor’s office hours you can contact the after-hours service of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of the City of Bremen: .

Bremen has installed a Corona Center near the Main Station to where your doctor might refer you (only available in German).

Please observe preventive hygienic measures to minimize the risk of getting infected yourself or spreading the virus without knowing:

  • wash your hands very regularly and thoroughly (min. 20 sec. with soap)
  • wear a nose and mouth cover in public whereever required by the authorities or when the minimum distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained
  • do not touch your nose, mouth or eyes
  • cough or sneeze into your elbow, use disposable tissues
  • keep a distance of  minimum 1,5 metres to others (esp. vulnerable persons, i.e. elderly or ill persons), greet each other without shaking hands, avoid hugging each other


Useful links:

Corona website for Bremen (please scroll down for FAQ and an English summary)

Short information for travelers:
in German, English, Italian
in French, Spanish, Turkish
in German, English, Chinese

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control


The Newcomer Service of the International Office is available for all interntional exchange students of our partner universities (e.g. ERASMUS, overseas cooperations etc).


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