Third-party Funding Report as per Transparency Act

Report as per § 75 BremHG

On this page we provide you with information about third-party funded projects at the University of Bremen. In our German-language report you will find information about duration, funding source, funding amount, as well as a short summary of the main contents and objectives.

Publication is in accordance with the Bremen Freedom of Information Act and the amendment to the Bremen Higher Education Act (BremHG). The basis for the report categories is thereby § 75 (6) of the BremHG: Conducting Research with Third Party Funding.

The report includes all projects that have been approved and already completed after the amendment of the BremHG came into force on May 1, 2015. Therefore, this only includes a part of the actually approved third-party funds. The number of projects reported will gradually increase over the next few years as more and more projects approved after May 01, 2015 are completed. The report will be updated quarterly to include projects completed by then. The next update will take place in a timely manner. A description of the main contents and objectives of the projects is not available digitally and will therefore be updated in consultation with the project managers.

The University of Bremen is also obliged to publish contracts of third-party funded projects with a funding amount of more than 50,000 euros, if publication has not been excluded within the contract and does not violate legal property rights (see § 6 b Bremen Freedom of Information Act as well as § 75 (6) of the BremHG). The third-party funding contracts can be accessed directly via a corresponding link in the report.

Further information on research projects of the University of Bremen can be found in the databases of the research funders:




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