Faculty 08


Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences comprises the subjects History, Geography, Integrated European Studies, Sociology and Political Science with a diverse range of Bachelor and Master programs. With the "Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences" (BIGSSS), a joint institution with the private Constructor University (former Jacobs University), the department broke new ground in structured graduate education at an early stage, which was twice funded by the German Excellence Initiative.

Our research takes place at various institutions, such as the "Institute of Intercultural and International Studies" (InIIS), the "Sustainability Research Center" (artec), the "SOCIUM Research Centre on Inequality and Social Policy"(formerly "Centre for Social Policy Research" (ZeS) and "Institute for Empirical and Applied Sociology" (EMPAS) as well as the non-university research institution "Research Centre for East European Studies" (FSO). Since 2018, the German Research Foundation has been funding the Collaborative Research Center 1342 "Global Dynamics of Social Policy", in which all subjects of our faculty participate. Our researchers address relevant environmental, social, and political issues.

For us, good research and good teaching go hand in hand. Research-based learning as a trademark of the University of Bremen is emphasized at our faculty and establishes references to the current reality of life. Our lecturers participate in international and interdisciplinary collaborative research and bring specialist knowledge as well as intercultural competence to teaching. We value open and communicative exchange in research, the promotion of young academics, and in our studies, and understand education as the active development of intellectual as well as social competencies. The versatile and successful career paths of our graduates confirm this path of the Faculty 08 at the University of Bremen.

I invite you to get to know our faculty! Let us convince you of the diverse German- and English-language study programs, our co-operations with regional and international research institutions, the wide range of our research work as well as our contacts in practice.

The Dean

Prof. Dr. Susanne K. Schmidt