MA programs

Urban and Regional Development M.A.

Why study "Urban and Regional Development"? Modern urban societies are particularly affected by socioeconomic change and the opportunities and challenges it brings. With ongoing globalisation and Europeanisation, cities and regions serve as a central focal points for the decisions and behavior of social actors in a variety of ways.

Geography M.Ed.

The Master of Education programme for teacher training in Geography in higher secondary schools (Gymnasien/Oberschulen or Sekundarstufe I and II) builds upon the Bachelor for teacher training in Geography. Within the Master of Education programme specialist training in Geography is continued and teaching methodology is developed by becoming accustomed with and reflecting upon teaching practices (particularly in the second/practical semester).

Physical Geography MSc

The focus of the MSc programme "Physical Geography: Environmental History" lies on the reconstruction of environmental and climate history. The programme conveys an understanding of physical geography, enabling analysis and interpretation of environmental change and evaluation of the effects on the natural world and society in general.

Public History MA

The German-language Master's degree programme in Public History is application-oriented, interdisciplinary and cross-epochal. The focus is on reflecting on the staging and instrumentalisation of history as well as the development of skills that enable students to present history in analogue and digital media in a way that is effective for the public and sustainable with a claim to enlightenment.

History M. Ed.

The Master of Education programme for teacher training in History in higher secondary schools (Gymnasien/Oberschulen or Sekundarstufe I and II) builds upon the Bachelor's programme in History with a teacher training option.

Political Science MA

The research-oriented Master's study programme in Political Science focuses on four main topics, besides an introduction to research methods and practises: Political Theory, Policy Areas and Public Administration, Comparative Politics and European Integration as well as International Relations.

Political Science M.Ed.

The Master of Education in Political Science (School profiles: Gymnasium / Oberschule / Berufsbildende Schulen) stands out due to its emphasis on practical content. The teaching practicality of the subject matter in the fields of political science and political didactics are consistently reevaluated.

Social Policy MA

The Master's study programme "Social Policy" offers an internationally renowned, two-year course that enables successful candidates to enter into positions in international organisations, government administration, welfare associations and civil society organisations. The interdisciplinary degree programme includes courses in the origins and development of the welfare state and civil society and seminars focusing on analysis of European welfare regimes and the challenges brought about by globalisation.

Double Degree European Master in Labour Studies and Social Policy M.A.

The Università degli Studi di Milano (MA Management of Human Resources and Labour Studies) und the University of Bremen (MA Social Policy) have developed a double-degree study programme beginning in the winter semester 2015/16. Double-degree students will spend a year in Bremen and Milan respectively and will receive two Master's certificates.

Further Education Master "Professional Public Decision Making" MA

The rationale involved with making and implementing decisions in public institutions is rarely beyond dispute as actors involved in decision-making processes often greatly differing interests. This means that agreeing on political aims, administrative postulates, economic efficiency, legal frameworks and social norms is rarely possible.

International Relations: Global Governance and Social Theory M.A.

The substantive focus of the MA program in International Relations: Global Governance and Social Theory is the analysis of governance beyond the nation state. This research topic is examined from a political science perspective, and within the context of enduring processes of globalization and increasing cross-border activity.

Soziologie und Sozialforschung M.A.

Sociology is the empirical science of society. Students in the Master's programme in Sociology and Social Science learn about current sociological-empirical research through projects of their own, thereby enabling them to carry out independent research in universities and external research institutions as graduates. 

MA European Politics

Starting in winter 2022/23, the Institute of European Studies in cooperation with the Institute of Political Science will establish the Master's program in European Politics.