Geography B.Sc./B.A.

Basic Information

Bachelor of Arts
(Focus on Human Geography)
Bachelor of Science
(Focus on Physical Geography)

Informations- Broschüre

Standard period of study
6 Semesters

Single-Subject: 180CP
Major Subject: 120CP
Minor Subject: 60CP
Teacher training option: 72CP

Teaching language


Geography combines elements of natural and social sciences into a spatial science that analyses the geo-ecosphere as well as society's demands on space. Physical Geography determines the effects of natural geofactors on human habitat, whereas Human Geography analyses human activity, its resulting spatial structures and determining processes. The subject's special standing as a link between natural and social sciences and the large number of research objects and processes at the interface of human activity and the environment require strong links to numerous related subjects. Geography has developed from a systematically descriptive to a causal-analytical science.

In general, Geography can be divided into two disciplines: Physical and Human Geography. Research in Physical Geography focuses on a qualitative and quantitative analysis of system complexes in the geosphere by employing scientific methods through empirical field work and analytical methodology. Human Geography analyses people in their sociocultural environments, as well as related socioeconomic structures, with concepts and methodology from social sciences. Examples for existing geographical research bodies at the University of Bremen are studies on landscape ecology, global climate research and urban development.


Further Information

For further information about this programme and the application procedure please consult the Institute of Geography website and the University of Bremen's Study Programme Database.

Information for international exchange students and the possibility to study in Bremen in English can be found here.


Michael Thiele
Study Advisor
Building: GW2
Room: B2811
Phone: 0421 218-67001
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