Faculty administration supports and advises the Faculty Council as well as the Office of the Dean and all members of Faculty staff in administrative matters. These include staff and budget matters, the assignment of teaching positions, contracts for student assistants and various evaluation tasks. Third-party funds for research projects are administered by central funds administration (Department 7).

Faculty administration can be found in "Geisteswissenschaften 2" (GW 2), Block B, 2nd floor.


Faculty Management

Nadine Banse

Phone: 0421 218-67010
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Representation of Faculty administrative matters in dealing with general university administration, self-governing bodies and, to the extent to which the Faculty is responsible to the authorities of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. Advice for the Faculty Council in administrative matters. Supervision of the budget and handling of budgetary affairs.

Administrative Office of the Faculty Council, General Study Matters, Deputy Manager

Tatjana Hauk
Raum: B2792
Tel.: 0421 218-67011
Fax: 0421 218-9867011
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Office hours: by appointment

Administrative Office of the Faculty Council, General Study Matters, Personnel Matters, Appointment Procedures, Habilitation Matters

Staff Matters, Budget Administration, Assistant Contracts/Service Contracts

Sociology and Political Science

Verena Moriske
Room:B 2800
Phone: 0421 218-67023
Fax: 0421 218-9867023
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Consultation hours: Mon, Tue and Thu 10-12 and b.a


Kerstin Wendt
Room: B 2801
Phone: 0421 218-67013
Fax: 0421 218-9867013
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History and Integrated European Studies

Sandra Burblies
Room:B 2791
Phone: 0421 218-67012
Fax: 0421 218-9867021
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Consultation hour: b. a.


Yannik Meier

Room: B2740
Phone: 0421 218-67015
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