BA programs

Geography B.Sc./B.A.

Geography combines elements of natural and social sciences into a spatial science that analyses the geo-ecosphere as well as society's demands on space. The subject's unique position as a link between natural and social sciences and the large number of research objects and processes at the interface of human activity and the environment demand close cooperation with numerous related fields.

History BA

The academic subject of History deals with social, economic, political and cultural changes throughout history. It works together with Classical Studies and Archaeology and has close ties to research institutions from the fields of Sociology, Political Science, Economics and Law.

Integrierte Europastudien B.A.

Integrated European Studies (IES) is an interdisciplinary Bachelor's study programme examining political and social dynamics, as well economic and legal developments in Europe past and present from the perspective of social and cultural sciences. EU-Russia relations make up one particularly important aspect, alongside regional and political integration processes, separation and the history of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

Political Science BA

The focus of Political Science lies on political institutions, such as government, parliament, judiciary, parties, public administration and international organisations. Research looks at political processes and associated power mechanisms and conflicts of interest (politics), political topics and programmes in various political fields (policy) and their administrative implementation (polity).

Sociology BA

Sociology looks at human cohabitation and changes within societies. It sees social structures as constructs resulting from human action that, in turn, affect further action.