Computer rooms

Computer rooms

The rooms may only be used by students and staff in Faculty 08.

A valid Faculty user account is required for use of the computer rooms. Please fill in a user request form and hand it in to room B2740. A form can be found under the links in the margin or obtained from the system administrator during office hours. 

A valid matriculation certificate or student identity card is required! 

It is possible to use the computers during general opening hours after verification of access rights and activation in the system has been completed.

Occupancy timetable:

Logging in 

The username consists of your surname and the first letter of your first name.

Clara Mustermann
Username: MustermannC
Password: 111111

Upon logging in for the first time users are required to change their passwords. The new password must consist of six arbitrary characters. The password may not be passed on to other under any circumstances. 

In case of problems during registration or any other technical difficulties please consult the system administrator or the student assistants. 

Please bear in mind that your user account is only valid for one semester and must be renewed after expiration!

Extension of access authorisation

Access authorisation from the previous semester expires on 31 May/30 September. If you wish to continue using the computer rooms, you must extend your access authorisation by presenting a new matriculation certificate or student identity card. Filling in the user request form again is not necessary.

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