Integrated European Studies B.A.

Basic Information


Bachelor of Arts


Standard Period of Study
6 semesters


Teaching Language


Integrated European Studies (IES) is an interdisciplinary Bachelor's study programme examining political and social dynamics, as well economic and legal developments in Europe past and present from the perspective of social and cultural sciences. EU-Russia relations make up one particularly important aspect, alongside regional and political integration processes, separation and the history of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

The programme analyses transformation processes in Europe, political and economic challenges facing the European Union and the implementation of European policy. Poland and Russia play a large role, along with views of Northern, Central and Western Europe.

Both programme branches, Sociological European Studies and Cultural-Historical European Studies have a subject-specific and geographic focus. Students are expected to attend courses in Russian or Polish.


Further Information

Please consult the Integrated European Studies website and the University of Bremen's Study Programme Database for further information. 

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Dr. Caterina Bonora
Study Programme Advisor
Building: GW2
Room: B2340
Phone: 0421 218 67271